Vertical Grip WeaponlighfS

Weapons Light

The SureFire Vertical Grip WeaponLight™ permits the operator to mount an ergonomic tactical light on any weapon with a Picatinny interface. A vertical grip is not only conducive to certain techniques of firing in a CQB environment, but also the attachment aids in weapon retention. The powerful SureFire light contained in the Vertical Grip WeaponLight is a potent tactical advantage in low-light combat.

LED Navigation Lights

Incorporated into the Vertical Grip are two low-level output LED navigation lights. Navigation lights allow the operator to maneuver over rough or littered terrain without giving away his position from the bright light of his WeaponLight. The LEDs come in red, white, blue and infrared. The LEDs are activated by an independent pressure switch, accessed by the thumb, ergonomically located at the rear of the Vertical Grip.

Navigation LEDs produce only a few lumens, enough to see obstacles or debris, but not enough to compromise your position.

Model M900AWH shown

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