Visible And Infrared Laser Sights

Hard-mounted DESIGN

Hard-mounted laser diode and beam sighting elements eliminates set screws and springs that can fatigue and cause point-of-impact shifts.


CONNECTION Waterproof submersion protection to 30 meters.

Calibrated windage and elevation

Engraved precision scale allows laser sight to be mounted on several weapons using the preestablished sight-in vernier settings.

Visible And Invisible Light Scale

Optical Beam Adjustment

Rotating adjustment rings optically sights in the laser beam without the use of springs or screws to move light source.

Visible or Infrared

635nM Visible Beam (Red) 830nM Invisible Beam (Infrared 532nM Visible Beam (Green)

Locking screws

Secures hard mounted calibration ring position.

The SureFire Laser Sight is available as a visible or infrared unit that can be mounted either in conjunction with a SureFire WeaponLight™ or as a separate unit. The visible laser is either red or green in color. Green lasers are six times "brighter," as perceived by the human eye, than red lasers. The infrared laser in visible only with night vision devices (NVDs).

SureFire lasers are not like any other weapon-mounted laser you have ever seen. Most lasers on the market are typical, low-cost devices. SureFire lasers are uniquely designed, robust, and rugged.

SureFire lasers use continuous beam operation that provides about twice the average power compared with typical "pulsing" lasers. This translates to a brighter constant beam that is much easier to follow when tracking a target.

The unit is designed to screw into the standardized threads of SureFire WeaponLight systems. SureFire lasers feature a unique "hard-mount" design that eliminates adjustment springs and screws for sighting-in a weapon. Zeroing a SureFire laser is accomplished with two precise, optical prism beam adjustments. This approach allows the laser diode to remain in a secure, fixed position while the adjustment rings move the beam on the target.

The hard-mount design eliminates the usual adjustment springs and screws of other brands that are subject vibration and recoil, weakening and losing their point-of-impact. With the SureFire calibration rings locked in position, the total unit is a solid assembly that maintains zero during recoil and the rigors of field use.

Sighting-in with SureFire's rotating adjustment rings is quickly accomplished. When locked down, the laser will maintain zero under recoil and other physical abuse. The dial readings can be recorded for zeroing different weapons, allowing the laser to be zeroed for multiple weapons. The design is waterproof with O-ring seals for submersion to 30 meters.

The distance a SureFire laser beam travels is well beyond the usual range associated with most tactical operations. It is important to understand that the maximum effective range of a laser varies greatly with lighting conditions such as bright sunlight, the reflectivity of the target, and the shooter's vision. Lasers vary the most in bright, direct sunlight. A laser is more effective at night or in subdued lighting.

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