Weapon Specific Replacement Forend Weapon Lights

These WeaponLights replace the existing forend with a completely integrated SureFire forend that contains all the switches, battery-holders and lamp modules. We call these systems dedicated forends, meaning they have been designed for— dedicated to— particular makes and models of weapons. Dedicated forends are available for rifles, carbines, shotgun and submachine-guns. Our best selling models are for the Remington 870 shotgun, AR15 and M4 family and, of course, the ubiquitous MP5.

Picatinny Rail-Mounted WeaponLights

SureFire Picatinny Forend

SureFire offers a replacement forend with wrap-around Picatinny rails for two shotguns, the Remington 870 and Mossberg 590, and the HK MP5 submachinegun. Other brands of Picatinny forends are also on the market from high regarded manu facturers. SureFire rail-mounted WeaponLight systems attach to all standard 1913 Picatinny interfaces.

Rail Mounted WeaponLights

SureFire offers two basic systems for mounting on a Picatinny rail, a vertical grip and the new, state-of-the-art Millennium Universal System. The SureFire Vertical Grip WeaponLight features a tough, shock-isolated lamp assembly and can be mounted on a shotgun, rifle, carbine or submachinegun. The Vertical Grip comes with LED navigation lights in a choice of color, visible or infrared, and many other features.

Millennium Universal System

A totally modular series with interchangeable mounts, lamp assemblies and bezels this is the latest and most sophisticated WeaponLight system from SureFire. It is designed specifically and engineered exactly for mounting on Picatinny rails.

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