Preparing of sniper rifle and optical sight for firing

2.3.1. Preparation of the s niper rifle and the s ight for firing is accomplished with a view to ensure their trouble-free operation during firing.

To prepare the rifle and the sight for firing, proceed as follows:

a) clean the rifle;

b) inspect the disassembled rifle and lubricate it;

c) inspect the assembled rifle and sight;

d) check the rifle mechanisms and parts for proper interaction;

e) check the illuminating system and reticle illuminating set for sound condition;

f) check the sight angle and deflection correction mechanisms for proper operation;

g) check the screen of the sight PSO-1 for switching in and off;

h) activate the sight PSO-1 screen.

Directly before firing, wipe dry the barrel bore (the rifled portion and the cartridge chamber), inspect the cartridges and load the magazine with them.

For the process of activating set the screen switching lever into position along the sight axis, put the sight in such a position in which the whole surface of the light filter is exposed to the light source, radiating ultraviolet rays.

The reactivating time, when the screen is lit with daily scattered light, will be equal to 15 minutes, when lit with straight sun rays or with rays irradiated by an electric lamp (100S200W) at a distance of 20 cm, it will be within 7S10 minutes. Reactivation of the screen for a more longer period of time than indicated one does not increase its sensibility. Useful life of a reactivated screen is 6 - 7 days, after this period reactivation should be repeated. One reactivation is sufficient for the sight operation during 3 days (at 8-hours operation in a day).

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