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1.1.1. The 7. 62-mm Dragunov sniper rifle is a sniper's weapon and is designed to destroy various single targets, which may be collapsible, moving, open and screened (Fig. 1).

The sniper optical sight is intended for precise aiming of the sniper rifle at various targets.

62mm Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Fig. 1. 7.62-mm Dragunov sniper rifle with optical sight and knife bayonet:

1 - 7.62-mm Dragunov sniper rifle;

2 - sniper optical sight PSO-1;

3 - knife bayonet.

1.1.2. The sniper rifle uses rifle cartridges with ordinary, tracer and armor-piercing-incendiary bullets or rifle sniper cartridges. The fire is delivered in single shots.

1.1.3. The optical sight permits to conduct night firing at infrared sources and under bad conditions of illumination, when it is difficult to fire at targets with the open sight.

When observing the infrared sources, the rays radiated by the source pass through the sight objective and effect the screen, located in the focal plane of the objective lens.

In place of acting the infrared rays luminescence appears on the screen. It results in a visible source image in the form of a round greenish spot.

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