Assembly For Left Hand

TAURUS pistols (except models PT22, PT25, PT111, PT111Ti, PT132, PT138, PT140, PT145, PT145Ti, PT908 and PT945) can be adjusted to be used by left handed people by following the instructions below:

1. Using a pin punch press in the MAGAZINE RELEASE BUTTON unscrewing the MAGAZINE RELEASE BUTTON at the same time.

2. Reassemble with MAGAZINE RELEASE BUTTON at the right side of the firearm.

Hand Disassemble Gun

ASSEMBLY OF PT111, PT111TI, PT132, PT138, PT14O, PT145 AND PT145TI

In order to reassemble the pistol, proceed by reversing the disassembling procedure while observing the following details:

1. Replace the barrel in the slide pushing it to the rearward position. Mount the spring on the guide rod. Insert the spring/guide rod sub-assembly into the slide over the barrel, compressing the spring slightly to get it into posiiton. The SLIDE should be mounted on the frame and pulled fully to the rear and the SLIDE CATCH must be moved upward to hold the SLIDE to the rear.

2. When reinstalling the SLIDE DISASSEMBLY LATCH, it is inserted into the frame with the lever pointing rearward and the horizontal round portion of the latch must engage the mating surface on the bottom of the BARREL.

Insert the take-down pin once the slide is in position to line up the barrel with the hole, and gently push in. A click will indicate the pin is secured in place.

3. The SLIDE CATCH then can be depressed which allows the SLIDE to go forward.

Pt945 Assembly

4. You should cycle the SLIDE several times, with no magazine inserted and no rounds in the chamber, to insure that the barrel/slide/frame relationship is correct.

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