Firearms Are Not All Alike

Many makes and models of firearms might LOOK nearly the same. However, they differ widely in design and operation, and in the location and function of various controls.

Study this manual thoroughly. Educate yourself on the characteristics and operation of your particular firearm before attempting to handle it. Do not permit others to handle it - unless they also have done so.

You should have an instruction manual for every firearm you own. If you do not, write the manufacturer and obtain one. Most manufacturers will gladly send you one free. If for any reason a manual is not available, visit your public library. Many books have been published which contain detailed information on obsolete or discontinued firearms.

Your knowledge can prevent injuries.

Taurus firearms are designed and made to offer maximum safety when correctly used. However, as with any other weapon, it is not foolproof, and may become very dangerous if the following basic recommendations are not RIGIDLY observed:

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