1. DANGER: Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and your finger away from the trigger when cocking any firearm.

2. WARNING: Never carry, handle or leave unattended any firearm which is cocked and ready to fire. When cocked, it will fire from slight pressure on the trigger. An accidental discharge could easily result if you fall or drop the firearm, or if the firearm is struck or disturbed by someone or something.

3. WARNING: Never fire any semi-automatic firearm with your finger, hand, face, or other part of your body over or adjacent to the ejection port, or in any position where you may be struck by reciprocating movement of the slide (or bolt). Both the ejection of empty cartridge cases and the movement of the slide (or bolt) are part of the normal operating cycle of semi-automatic firearms, and pose no safety hazard to the shooter if the firearm is held in a normal grip and fired at arm's length (in the case of a handgun) as intended by its design.

4. CAUTION: Never allow other persons to stand beside you where they might be struck by an ejected cartridge case. The case is hot, and may be ejected with sufficient force to cause a burn or cut or injury to an unprotected eye. Make certain there is a clear, unobstructed path for safe ejection of the fired case. Remember, the case may bounce off a hard object nearby and strike you or someone else.

5. DANGER: If while shooting, your firearm develops ANY mechanical malfunction or binding, or "spits" powder, gas, or if a cartridge primer is punctured or a cartridge case is bulged or ruptured, or if the report on firing does not sound quite right, STOP SHOOTING IMMEDIATELY. It may be dangerous to continue. UNLOAD THE FIREARM. DO NOT try "one more shot". Take the firearm and ammunition to a gunsmith for examination.

6. SAFETY FIRST: While shooting any semi-automatic firearm, an unfired cartridge case may occasionally become jammed between the slide (or bolt) and the barrel. Clear the jam as follows, WHILE KEEPING THE MUZZLE POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION: remove the magazine, then pull back the slide (or bolt) and hold or lock it to the rear. The jammed cartridge or case now can be removed by shaking it out or by picking it out.

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