Not Just For Beginners

Regardless of your familiarity or experience with firearms, you need to study this manual.

The safe handling of firearms requires specialized training, discipline and caution. Firearms, by their nature and intended function, are deadly instruments. Accidental death or serious injury can result if they are handled improperly or carelessly.

Firearms rarely cause accidents. Firearms accidents almost always are caused by a failure to obey the basic rules of gun safety. Unfortunately, experienced shooters seem to violate these rules as frequently as beginners. Thus the basics of safe firearms handling cannot be repeated too often. Read, re-read and practice the basic principles of firearms safety until they become second nature: habits that you don't forget.

If you have any question about your knowledge or ability to use this or any other firearm with complete safety you should seek supervised instruction. Personalized instruction is often available from firearms dealers, gun clubs, state hunter safety programs or police departments in the United States. If none of these sources is accessible, write to the National Rifle Association, 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 . THEY WILL ASSIST YOU.

A person with a firearm in his possession has a full-time responsibility. He must KNOW how to keep and use his firearm safely, and then must always TAKE the precautions necessary -all of them. He cannot guess; he cannot forget. This responsibility is his alone. It cannot be passed off to someone else.

Remember: no firearm can be made accident-proof. A firearm is just a machine, with no judgement of its own. It responds to your actions, whether wise or foolish. The only truly effective safety device is the mind of a cautious shooter who never forgets that a moment's carelessness can produce permanent tragedy.

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