Safety Devices

(PT58 S-D, PT92 C-D, PT92 AF-D, PT99 AF-D, PT100 AF-D, PT101 AF-D, PT908, PT911, PT938, PT940, PT945 and PT957)

1. The FIRING PIN BLOCK (4) is permanently locked preventing the FIRING PIN (5) from going forward which could cause accidental discharge should the pistol be dropped.

The FIRING PIN BLOCK (4) is only released at the TRIGGER (1) final stage position, allowing the FIRING PIN (5) to advance as soon as it receives the HAMMER (6) impact energy. The release is done through the following movement series: TRIGGER (1), TRIGGER BAR (2), FIRING PIN BLOCK LEVER (3) and FIRING PIN BLOCK(4).

Beretta Hammer Release Lever Pin
PT58, 92, 92C, 99, 100, 101, 908, 911, 938, 940, 945, 957.

2.By moving the SAFETY upward you will disengage the hammer and sear simultaneously. The SAFETY was designed to allow AMBIDEXTROUS use and it enables a rapid change from safe to fire position.

3. When a cartridge is loaded in the chamber the EXTRACTOR end protrudes and its red colored surface can be easily seen or felt without the need of moving back the SLIDE.

CAUTION - Taurus Models PT111, PT140, PT911, PT938, PT940 and PT957 manufactured before July, 2000 do NOT contain a loaded

Taurus Pt911

chamber indicator. To determine if chamber is loaded, make sure your finger is not on the trigger or inside the trigger guard and pull slide to rear and visually inspect the chamber. In any case, always inspect the chamber visually by pulling the slide back slowly and looking into the chamber while keeping your finger well clear of the trigger and trigger guard and keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.


To clear the chamber of a Taurus Pistol, first make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe directon. Remove magazine and set aside. While keeping your finger well away from the trigger and trigger guard, disengage the manual safety, and pull the slide smartly to the rear. The cartridge will eject. Lock the slide open and visually inspect the chamber to make sure the pistol in unloaded. You may then close the slide and secure your firearm. 21

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