Taurus Service Policy

Before shipment, your firearm was carefully inspected and test fired in order to ensure that it conformed to our specifications and standards. Should your firearm require adjustment or repair, we strongly recommend that you return it to Taurus for factory service.

If there is any question regarding the performance of your firearm, please write to our Service Department fully describing all circumstances and conditions involved. If our Service Department makes the determination that your firearm requires factory service, you will be so advised and will be given instructions for the most expeditious handling of your shipment.

Our Service Department will give your firearm a complete inspection, and evaluate the problem(s) specified in your letter. If the work required is not covered under the terms of our Warranty (when applicable) you will receive an actual cost quotation, not an estimate. Any repair work must be authorized by you, and no work will be done without your expressed approval.

Please follow these suggestions to expedite service in the United States of America to return any firearm to us for adjustment or repair.

1. Federal law permits you to return your firearm to the manufacturer for service via common carriers. However, state and local firearms laws vary greatly; you should consult your local prosecuting attorney regarding any restrictive laws in your jurisdiction regarding your shipment or receipt of firearms. With the above in mind, it is strongly recommended that any firearm sent to us for repair be sent through a Federally licensed dealer.

2. All firearms must be shipped to us prepaid. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT COLLECT SHIPMENTS.

3. Be sure to enclose a letter stating your name, address and telephone number, serial number, caliber and barrel length of your firearm. Also state nature of trouble experienced or work required. Merely stating "defective" or "repair as necessary" is inadequate information. Be specific and enclose copies of any previous correspondence. Work (other than warranty repair) will bear minimum labor charge of $ 10.00.

4. FIREARMS MUST BE SHIPPED UNLOADED. Double check the chamber of your firearm before shipping. If firearms are sent to Taurus in a loaded condition, we are required by law to notify the Federal authorities.

5. DO NOT include telescopic sights; custom grips, holsters, or other accessories with any firearm shipped to us.


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