The slide may stick on the frame before going fully to the rear, or the barrel may ride with it to the rear. Begin again and press down with the finger onto that rear portion of the barrel accessible through the ejection port.

When the barrel depresses and locks to the frame, continue moving the slide fully to the rear and engage the slide catch lever.


All firearms require periodic maintenance and inspection which may reveal a need for adjustment or repair. Have your firearm checked by a competent gunsmith annually, even if it seems to be working well, since breakage, improper functioning, undue wear, or corrosion of some components may not be apparent from external examination. If you notice ANY mechanical malfunction, do NOT continue to use the firearm. UNLOAD the firearm and take it to a competent gunsmith immediately.

Our Service Department maintains a full complement of replacement parts for our firearms of current manufacture. Even though most gunsmiths have the knowledge, training and ability to make the necessary repairs to your firearm, the skill and workmanship of any particular gunsmith is totally beyond our control. Should your firearm ever require service, we strongly recommend that you return it to Taurus. Follow the instructions outlined below. Remember, unauthorized adjustments or parts replacement can void your warranty.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to be absolutely certain that any parts ordered from Taurus are of the correct type and are properly fitted and installed by a competent person.

THIS FIREARM IS A PRECISION MECHANISM AND THE IMPROPER FITTING OF PARTS OR IMPROPER MECHANICAL ADJUSTMENT MAY RESULT IN A DANGEROUS MALFUNCTION, DAMAGE TO THE FIREARM, AND POSSIBLE SERIOUS INJURY TO THE SHOOTER OR TO OTHERS. Therefore, the purchaser and/or installer of parts must accept full responsibility for the correct adjustment of and function of the firearm after such installation has been made or attempted.

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