NEVER RELY COMPLETELY ON ANY SAFETY MECHANISM. It is NOT a substitute for cautious firearm handling. NO safety, however positive or well-designed, should be totally trusted. Like all mechanical devices, the safety is subject to breakage or malfunction and can be adversely affected by wear, abuse, dirt, corrosion, incorrect assembly, improper adjustment or repair, or lack of maintenance. Moreover, there is no such thing as a safety which is "childproof" or which can completely prevent accidental discharge from improper usage, carelessness, or "horseplay". The automatic safety can provide only partial protection against mishaps. By itself it is not a complete safety system. To prevent accidents, it is absolutely essential to consistently and correctly use the manual safety lever also. If water, sand, or other foreign matter enters the internal mechanism, the firearm should be dismantled for complete and thorough cleaning. Failure to keep your firearm clean and in proper working order can lead to a potentially dangerous condition.

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