Taurus pistols were manufactured to perform properly with the original parts as designed. It is your duty to make sure any parts you buy are installed correctly and that neither replacements nor originals are altered or changed. Your firearm is a simple tool but it has many parts that must relate correctly to other parts. Putting a firearm together wrong or with modified parts can result in a damaged firearm, danger and injury or death to you and others through malfunction.

Always have a qualified gunsmith work on your firearm.


Always wear adequate shooting glasses and ear plugs or "ear muff" type protectors whenever you are shooting. Always make certain that persons close to you are similarly protected. Unprotected eyes may be injured by powder, gas, carbon residue, lubricant, metallic particles or similar debris which may emanate occasionally from any firearm in normal use. Without ear protection, repeated exposure to shooting noise may lead to cumulative, permanent hearing loss.

Taurus Pistol


This pistol will fire with the magazine removed. Injury or death may result. Never point a loaded pistol at anyone or anything you do not intend to shoot.


To prevent injury or death, it is imperative that you must keep your firearm unloaded, uncocked and securely locked, with ammunition in a separate location. In addition, take any other reasonable steps to limit the possibility of theft, crime, accident or suicide.

FOR TAURUS PISTOLS WITHOUT A MAGAZINE DISCONNECTOR: WARNING: This pistol will fire with the magazine removed. Injury or death may result. Never point a loaded pistol at anyone or anything you do not intend to shoot.


WARNING: This pistol is equipped with a magazine disconnector. It is intended but not warranted or promised that the pistol will not fire with the magazine removed, however,

(i) The magazine disconnector is not a safety and should not be relied on as such to prevent injury or death.

(ii) The magazine disconnector can be accidentally bypassed through abnormal handling. If so, the pistol will fire and may result in injury or death.

(iii) The magazine disconnector may break and allow the pistol to fire with the magazine removed, resulting in injury or death.

(iv) Do not attempt to remove, alter or modify the magazine disconnector. Injury or death may result.

(v) If you purchase this product "used" check the operation of the magazine disconnector as follows: Verify that the magazine is out and visually confirm that the chamber is empty by pulling the slide back with your finger well clear of the trigger. Close the slide, and point the muzzle in a safe direction and attempt to pull the trigger. If the trigger pull is complete and a loud clicking is heard, then the disconnector may be broken and the firearm should be returned to Taurus customer service for inspection and, if necessary, repair. Failure to do so may result in injury or death.

(vi) If you are unclear about the purpose, function or proper procedures for performing the test, please return the product to Taurus in accordance with your warranty for a free inspection.


1. Use only high quality, original, factory-manufactured ammunition. Do not use cartridges that are dirty, wet, corroded, bent or damaged. Do not oil cartridges. Do not spray aerosol-type lubricants, preservatives, or cleaners directly onto cartridges or where excess spray may flow into contact with cartridges. Lubricant or other foreign matter on cartridges can cause potentially dangerous ammunition malfunctions. Use only ammunition of the caliber for which your firearm is chambered. The proper caliber is permanently engraved on your firearm; never attempt to use ammunition of any other caliber.

2. The use of reloaded, "remanufactured", hand-loaded, or other nonstandard ammunition voids all warranties. Improperly loaded ammunition voids all warranties. Improperly loaded ammunition can be extremely dangerous. Severe damage to the firearm and serious injury to the shooter or to others may result. Always use ammunition that complies with the industry performance standards established by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute, Inc., of the United States, (SAAMI) or the equivalent from other countries.

3. Firearms may be severely damaged and serious injury to the shooter or to others may result from any condition causing excessive pressure inside the chamber or barrel during firing. Excessive pressure can be caused by obstructions in the barrel, propellant powder overloads, or by the use of incorrect cartridges or defectively assembled cartridges. In addition, the use of a dirty, corroded, or damaged cartridge can lead to a burst cartridge case and consequent damage to the firearm and personal injury from the sudden escape of high-pressure propellant gas within the firearm's mechanism.

4. Immediately stop shooting and check the barrel for a possible obstruction whenever:

• You have difficulty in, or feel unusual resistance in, chambering a cartridge, or

• The mechanism fails to extract a fired cartridge case, or

• Unburned grains of propellant powder are discovered spilled in mechanism, or

• A shot sounds weak or abnormal.

In such cases it is possible that a bullet is lodged part way down the barrel. Firing a subsequent bullet into the obstructed barrel can wreck the firearm and cause serious injury to the shooter or to bystanders.

5.Bullets can become lodged in the barrel.

• If the cartridge has been improperly loaded without propellant powder, or if the powder fails to ignite (Ignition of the cartridge primer alone will push the bullet out the cartridge case, but usually does not generate sufficient energy to expel the bullet completely from the barrel).

• If the bullet is not properly seated tightly in the cartridge case.

When such a cartridge is extracted from the chamber without being fired, the bullet may be left behind in the bore at the point where the rifling begins. Subsequent chambering of another cartridge may push the first bullet further into the bore.

6. If there is any reason to suspect that a bullet is obstructing the barrel, immediately unload the firearm and look through the bore. It is not sufficient to merely look in the chamber. A bullet may be lodged some distance down the barrel where it can not easily be seen.

IF A BULLET IS IN THE BORE, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SHOOT IT OUT BY USING ANOTHER CARTRIDGE, OR BY BLOWING IT OUT WITH A BLANK OR ONE FROM WHICH THE BULLET HAS BEEN REMOVED. SUCH TECHNIQUES CAN GENERATE EXCESSIVE PRESSURE, WRECK THE FIREARM AND CAUSE SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY. If the bullet can be removed with a cleaning rod, clean any unburned powder grains from the bore, chamber, and mechanism before resuming shooting. If the bullet cannot be dislodged by tapping it with a cleaning rod, take the firearm to a gunsmith.

7. Dirt, corrosion, or other foreign matter on a cartridge can impede complete chambering and may cause the cartridge case to burst upon firing. The same is true of cartridges which are damaged or deformed.

8. Do not oil cartridges, and be sure to wipe the chamber clean of any oil or preservative before commencing to shoot. Oil interferes with the friction between cartridge case and chamber wall that is necessary for safe functioning, and subjects the firearm to stress similar to that imposed by excessive pressure.

9. Use lubricants sparingly on the moving parts of your firearm. Avoid excessive spraying of any aerosol firearm care product, especially where it may get on ammunition. All lubricants and aerosol spray lubricants in particular, can penetrate cartridge primers and cause misfires. Some highly penetrative lubricants can also migrate inside cartridge cases and cause deterioration of the propellant powder; on firing, the powder may not ignite. If only the primer ignites, there is danger that the bullet may become lodged in the barrel.

Taurus pistols were designed to use cartridges loaded to the limits shown below. Other cartridges of various types or bullet weights may or may not function acceptably; such ammunition should be thoroughly tested by the user before relying on it. Because of the widely differing specifications of such other ammunition, Taurus cannot be responsible for malfunctions resulting from its use.

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