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A. The firearm may be cleaned and lubricated under normal conditions without the need of any disassembly.

B. In special conditions, such as repairs, when disassembling is necessary, it is recommended the firearm be returned to the factory or sent to a competent gunsmith or to the importer.

C. In order to keep a firearm in perfect condition it must be kept clean and covered with a slight film of good quality oil to prevent corrosion. This is especially necessary after use.

D. For normal cleaning of handgun not used or kept in storage for some time, it is necessary to rub it with a lightly oiled cloth. In the same way proceed with the bore of the barrel. The excess of oil must be removed, but a thin protecting film should remain. Also the dust should be removed from all crevices with a small clean brush.

E. For cleaning after shooting, it is of special importance that all residues of powder be removed from barrel and other adjacent areas subject to such deposits, using an appropriate brush. If particles of lead are detected in barrel they must be scrubbed with a brass brush, drenched with oil. Once cleaned lubrication should be done as above described

WARNING: Every time you shoot your firearm it must be cleaned, regardless of the number of shots fired. If you shoot more than 200 shots in a day, clean your firearm every 200 shots.

F. Do not keep handguns in contact with materials that attract moisture or possess a certain degree of acidity, or in environments with great variation of temperature or of humidity. Avoid the use of holsters of cloth or of any other material except natural leather appropriately cured.

G. If the weapon is to be stored for a long period of time, extreme care should be taken with metal surfaces, in order to protect them against corrosion.

H. If magazine becomes dirty, which usually happens after 200 shots, it should be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. To do so, use a punch to press in on magazine spring seat where it protrudes into the hole in the magazine floorplate. Slide the magazine floorplate toward the front of the magazine, taking care to prevent the forcible ejection of the magazine spring seat and compressed magazine spring. Withdraw magazine spring plate and magazine spring from magazine body. Turn magazine upside down and remove magazine follower.

Reassemble in reverse order.

WARNING: Damaged or improperly assembled magazines should not be used. They can cause the pistol to malfunction.

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