Urban Survival Secrets for Terrorist Attacks

Urban Survival Guide

Discover How You Can Easily Have A Survival Plan Staying Right Where You Currently Live That's Better Than Having. A Fully Stocked Rural Retreat That You Can't Get To! Finally Revealed: Urban Survival Secrets For Surviving Terrorist Attacks, Natural Disasters And Pandemics! In The Real World, Most People Don't Have A Fully Stocked Retreat They Can Escape To. Even If You've Planned Ahead And You Do, There's No Guarantee That You'll Leave In Time Or That You'll Be Able To Make It There. Your First Plan Must Be To Survive In Place. More here...

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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

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Heckler Koch GmbH Germany

The HK MP5-series submachineguns are without a doubt one of the most popular types in the world. They are in use with a great many police, counter-terrorism, and special operations groups around the world, including the British SAS. They are durable, reliable, and very accurate weapons.

Walther WA Win Mag Holdout

Introduced in 1981, the WA-2000 is a highly sophisticated sniper rifle. It is a gas-operated semiautomatic bullpup design, with a heavy free-floating barrel in a rigid frame. The barrel is fluted externally and lies in a straight line with the shoulder to counter muzzle rise. Chambered for the .300 WinMag (according to Walther it was the most accurate round commercially available), no detail has been overlooked in designing the WA-2000 even the 6-round box magazine is designed to protect the rounds from scraping which could affect accuracy. Usually offered with a Schmidt & Bender 2.5-power variable scope (Acc+3), the Walther WA-2000 is also fitted with a large muzzle brake and a folding bipod. However, the WA-2000 is a bit too sophisticated for combat use. Its need of constant tuning and carefull handling makes it more suitable for police, internal security and counter-terrorism sniping than military duty.

Sniper Measure Human Body

Snipers and ccmmanding officers must appreciate that even a good, well placed shot may not always result in the instantaneous death of a terrorist. Even the best sniper when armed with the best weapon and bullet combination cannot guarantee the desired results. Even an instantly fatal shot may not prevent the death of a hostage when muscle spasms in the terrorism's body trigger his weapon. As a rule then, the sniper should only be employed when all other means of moving the situation have been exhaus ted.

The Terrorizing Sound of Silencers

Homemade Science Models

Our CIA and their KGB do things pke that to each other all the time. Now, though, a third trigger finger has been added to the game-international terrorism. Terrorists have discovered the science art of quiet death firearms silencers. In attack first pinned on the Israeli Mossad, two PLO officials were killed in Nicosia, Cyprus late in 19 9 when a masked gunman armed with a 9mm These random terrorist attacks are not new, said the late Fred Stock, a former CIA field officer who was very familiar with the use of silenced weapons on special missions. What's new is the increased silencer technology. It used to be that once in a while you'd hear about a homemade can on the end of a weapon. Today, these people have access to the latest and best equipment available.

Care Of Telescopic Sight

Defense against chemical attack, and decontamination 66. DEFENSE AGAINST CHEMICAL ATTACK, AND DECONTAMINATION OF MATERIEL. a. For defense against chemical attack, refer to FM 21-40 listed in paragraph 69. b. For method of decontaminating materiel subjected to chemical attack, and materials used, refer to TM 3-220, listed in paragraph 69.

Cleaning Weapons Received From Storage

CARE WHEN SUBJECT TO CHEMICAL ATTACK a. If a chemical attack is expected or chemical contaminations are encountered, the following action should be taken Apply oil to all outer metal surfaces of the carbine and accessories. Do not apply oil to ammunition. If the carbine is not to be used, cover it, the accessories, and the ammunition with protective coverings or disperse them under natural cover. Ammunition should be kept in its containers as long as possible. After a chemical attack, determine by means of detector paper (for liquid) or detector crayon (for vapors) whether or not the equipment is contaminated.


This is a potentially a very important subject as it enables the determination of country of origin, whether it is of commercial or military manufacture, and if military, the date of manufacture. Whilst this may seem to be of minor importance, in cases involving terrorism, such information can be vital.

Appendix Trade Names

The China North Industries Corporation official English name Norinco, manufactures vehicles (trucks, cars and motorcycles), machinery, optical-electronic products, oil field equipment, chemicals, light industrial products, explosives and blast materials, civil and military firearms and ammunition, etc. Norinco is also known outside of China for its high-tech defence products, many of which are adaptations of Soviet equipment. Norinco produces precision strike systems, amphibious assault weapons and equipment, long-range suppression weapon systems, antiaircraft & anti-missile systems, information and night vision products, high-effect destruction systems, fuel air bombs, anti-terrorism and anti-riot equipment and small arms.

Naval applications

Future Heavy Machine Guns

Modern warships sent to deal with terrorist insurrections in the Far East, a job which involved much stopping and searching of small vessels, found light cannon to be the most useful weapons. The involvement of NATO forces in the Persian Gulf during the Iran-Iraq war, which saw terrorist attacks using grenade launchers from small boats, underlined the message. It also emphasised the advantage of manually aimed over radar-directed guns in dealing with terrorist craft which may be manoeuvring within an innocent fishing fleet.

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