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Heckler Koch GmbH Germany

The HK MP5-series submachineguns are without a doubt one of the most popular types in the world. They are in use with a great many police, counter-terrorism, and special operations groups around the world, including the British SAS. They are durable, reliable, and very accurate weapons.

Caliber mm Parabellum

The Spectre was introduced in 1984, and is an unusual weapon in a number of regards. It was designed for police and counter-terrorist work, and one of the principal design goals was to create a weapon that could be drawn and fired without fumbling about with a lot of controls. To achieve this, the Spectre was given an internal safety, and a double-action trigger with a decocking lever. This allows it to operate just like a double-action pistol the bolt is cycled when the weapon is loaded, and the hammer de-cocked. When the user wishes to fire, he or she simply pulls the trigger.

Fabrique National P Holdout

The FN P90 was developed to be a replacement for the conventional Sub-machinegun, specifically for military use. The goal was to develop a weapon that could easily penetrate body-armor, was lightweight, small, had a large magazine capacity, and low recoil. The P90 and the cartridge that it fires (the SS-190) were the result. Capable of easily penertrating body-armor, the P90 has been adopted by numerous government agencies all over the world, although real large orders have not been placed. Its most public appearance so far was during the siege on a Japanese embassy When the Embassy was stormed, security troops shot the terrorist leader with a P90. Right through his body-armor. The P90 looks highly unconventional, with its top loaded magazine, polymer construction, integral sights, and its unusual stock. The weapon uses a simple blowback mechanism, and the entire barrel bolt assembly can be lifted out of the weapon in seconds. Attached directly to this assembly is the sight. This is a...

Moderation of nitrocellulosebased propellants

An example of how important this can be involved the use of propellants in a terrorist device which was used to kill a police officer. The device was a very simple pipe bomb using a simple twist of thin wire connected to a battery and switch for ignition. Fragments of unburnt firearms propellant found at the scene were, at a later date, successfully matched to similar fragments found in a suspect's pockets. The propellant particles were quite unusual in that they were of an American variety not often seen in the United Kingdom. As it was a single-based propellant, it was necessary to analyze the moderators before a successful identification could be made.

Ricochet Analysis Introduction

A case illustrating how variable this can be involved the shooting at a taxi in central London by a terrorist group. The weapon involved was a 0.357 Magnum revolver which was loaded with semi-jacketed bullets, some of which had a hollow point and others which had a solid round nose.

Walther WA Win Mag Holdout

Introduced in 1981, the WA-2000 is a highly sophisticated sniper rifle. It is a gas-operated semiautomatic bullpup design, with a heavy free-floating barrel in a rigid frame. The barrel is fluted externally and lies in a straight line with the shoulder to counter muzzle rise. Chambered for the .300 WinMag (according to Walther it was the most accurate round commercially available), no detail has been overlooked in designing the WA-2000 even the 6-round box magazine is designed to protect the rounds from scraping which could affect accuracy. Usually offered with a Schmidt & Bender 2.5-power variable scope (Acc+3), the Walther WA-2000 is also fitted with a large muzzle brake and a folding bipod. However, the WA-2000 is a bit too sophisticated for combat use. Its need of constant tuning and carefull handling makes it more suitable for police, internal security and counter-terrorism sniping than military duty.

Sniper Measure Human Body

(c) The urban guerrilla intelligence network will eventually establish the locations of the various 0. P. 1 s. By constantly changing the 0. P.'s which are in current use it is impossible for the terrorist to know exactly which are occupied. However, the areas to be covered by the O.P.'s remain fairly constant and the coordination of arcs of fire and observation must be controlled at a high level, usually battalion. It may be delegated to ccmpany level for specific operations. a. General. Snipers and ccmmanding officers must appreciate that even a good, well placed shot may not always result in the instantaneous death of a terrorist. Even the best sniper when armed with the best weapon and bullet combination cannot guarantee the desired results. Even an instantly fatal shot may not prevent the death of a hostage when muscle spasms in the terrorism's body trigger his weapon. As a rule then, the sniper should only be employed when all other means of moving the situation have been exhaus...

The Terrorizing Sound of Silencers

Homemade Science Models

Although the scenario is highly realistic, this scene hasn't happened, yet. Consider terrorists wishing to blame the American CIA in the eyes of the Third World locate a well-known U.S. sniper rifle, put a highly efficient silencer on the weapon, shoot two OPEC officials, then leave the weapon behind for local police and media to find. Don't smirk. Our CIA and their KGB do things pke that to each other all the time. Now, though, a third trigger finger has been added to the game-international terrorism. Terrorists have discovered the science art of quiet death firearms silencers. In attack first pinned on the Israeli Mossad, two PLO officials were killed in Nicosia, Cyprus late in 19 9 when a masked gunman armed with a 9mm The Mideast murders continued. In July of 1980, former Syrian premier Salaheddin al Bitar was assassinated with a silencer-equipped handgun. Then, as a sidebar to the Iranian hostage story, in 1980 Paris police arrested five members of what they described as a...

Suppressed Rifle Employment

308 Compact Rifle

For all its ballistic shortcomings, there are stili tactical situations in which a suppressed sniper rifle is a welcome tool. The most obvious use is eliminating sentries, especially during a hostage rescue, such as when Americans were held in Iran in 1979-1980. Had Delta Force reached the U.S. Embassy compound in Tehran, suppressed sniper rifles could have removed gate guards without alerting other terrorists until the rescuers had penetrated the embassy grounds. There were usable firing positions in facing buildings within 150 yards so that even subsonic rounds could have been used. A more conventional military role involves precisely but quietly eliminating all kinds of terrorists and their helpers while concealing the presence of friendly snipers, whether taking out roadside bombers, lookouts near a terrorist training camp, or trackers following a recon team in the Hindu Kush. In all these scenarios, though, I don't think I'd want a fixed suppressor but rather a removable one to...

Improvised Firearms Philippines

Improvised firearms, then, have caused innumerable accidents. But the poor farmer or villager has no choice but to rely on home-made weapons for self-defense. He has a family and property to protect against well-armed terrorist-bandits. More often than not, his protection takes form as a simple firearm built from salvaged materials in a jungle workshop. For him, it is foolish to go unarmed any longer, for he has lived through the hard times of the past. And he knows that harder times may still come in the future.

Carl Walther Waffenfabrik Germany

Introduced in the early '80s, the WA-2000 is an unusual weapon, purpose-built as a sniper rifle. Designed with input from counter-terrorist units, the WA-2000 is a semi-automatic bullpup rifle. It has a pair of rails above and below the barrel, and comes with a folding bipod that mounts on the top rail, and can be moved along the rail for optimal positioning. A large muzzle brake greatly reduces the recoil, keeping the weapon on target for additional shots. The WA-2000 easily mounts most scopes and electro-optical sights.

Care Of Telescopic Sight

Defense against chemical attack, and decontamination 66. DEFENSE AGAINST CHEMICAL ATTACK, AND DECONTAMINATION OF MATERIEL. a. For defense against chemical attack, refer to FM 21-40 listed in paragraph 69. b. For method of decontaminating materiel subjected to chemical attack, and materials used, refer to TM 3-220, listed in paragraph 69.

Advanced Rechargeables

Non-tactical applications for a flashlight far outnumber the relatively few occasions that SureFires are used by a SWAT team to takedown a meth lab. Rechargeable flashlights are not suitable for critical missions, like searching a Baghdad bunker for terrorists, because rechargeable flashlights regardless of brand have issues. First, there's the uncertainty of your rechargeable battery's state of charge because of the high rate of self-discharge that's inherent with Ni-Cad batteries. Second, there's the logistical problem of dragging a charger with you instead of a handful of spare lithium batteries. Finally, the potential cost savings of a rechargeable it's only compelling attribute is largely lost with SureFire's unconventional pricing of its lithium batteries at only 1.25 each in a dozen-count box.

Cleaning Weapons Received From Storage

CARE WHEN SUBJECT TO CHEMICAL ATTACK a. If a chemical attack is expected or chemical contaminations are encountered, the following action should be taken Apply oil to all outer metal surfaces of the carbine and accessories. Do not apply oil to ammunition. If the carbine is not to be used, cover it, the accessories, and the ammunition with protective coverings or disperse them under natural cover. Ammunition should be kept in its containers as long as possible. After a chemical attack, determine by means of detector paper (for liquid) or detector crayon (for vapors) whether or not the equipment is contaminated.

Effect of Water on FDR

As a result of a terrorist attack on a motor vehicle, in which the terrorists used 7.62 mm x 39 mm caliber Yugoslavian nny 82 ammunition, the driver was shot dead. A large number of bullets struck the car, and the interior of the car and the clothing of the deceased suffered severe bullet fragmentation damage. An item of clothing worn by the deceased was examined for FDR, not as a requirement of the case but to gain background knowledge of the types of particles originating from bullet fragmentation.

Sniping Mission Planning Considerations

Traditionally, independent sniper patrols and operations involved only a two-man sniper team, although several such teams may have been operating in mutual support. However in Iraq, where terrorists have specially targeted American sniper teams, their composition has been beefed up, with as many as four men two snipers, an extra M16-armed rifleman, and a SAW machine gunner. The trade-off is a larger potential signature and, of course, the need for a larger hide to conceal them.

Few Too Many Words From Old Himself

Recall all the media fuss about spud guns during the strange summer of '93 Concerned law enforcement REMFs and their zealot-driven media partners were in anguish about a horrible new weapon revolutionizing gang warfare and allowing towel-headed international terrorists to seize lesser downtown Newark. Using the narcotic smoke and mirrors of mass media, the power elite scare our freedoms out of us with their choreographed propaganda tactics about drugs, street gangs, gun control violence crime control, international terrorists, revolution, insurrection, and on and on into George Orwell's worst waking nightmare now come alive and true.


An obvious trend over a 26-year period of the terrorist campaign is the decreasing percentage of Northern Ireland casework that is positive for FDR. During this period substantial improvements have been made in the efficiency of sampling and in the sensitivity of the detection techniques. Despite this, the downward trend continued. Our success rate decreased from approximately 35 at the start of the terrorist campaign in 1969 to about 6 (excluding suicides and dead suspects) in 1995. The reason for the decreasing success rate is not the detection system but rather the careful planning of terrorist incidents and the precautions terrorists take to prevent leaving any type of forensic evidence at a scene or on their persons. Coupled with this is the unfavorable behavior of FDR particles once they are deposited on a suspect. The particles are small and lightly adhering and, as such, can become


This is the weapon currently taking the improvised weapons world by storm. Set to become the standard by which other launchers are measured, this system will soon be available in your local terrorist supply store. You can save big bucks, however, by purchasing these plans instead and constructing your own custom model over the weekend. Yes. I hear you say. but there are plenty of other plans available for weapons that are just as destructive. Why should I buy these '


This is a potentially a very important subject as it enables the determination of country of origin, whether it is of commercial or military manufacture, and if military, the date of manufacture. Whilst this may seem to be of minor importance, in cases involving terrorism, such information can be vital.

Appendix Trade Names

The China North Industries Corporation official English name Norinco, manufactures vehicles (trucks, cars and motorcycles), machinery, optical-electronic products, oil field equipment, chemicals, light industrial products, explosives and blast materials, civil and military firearms and ammunition, etc. Norinco is also known outside of China for its high-tech defence products, many of which are adaptations of Soviet equipment. Norinco produces precision strike systems, amphibious assault weapons and equipment, long-range suppression weapon systems, antiaircraft & anti-missile systems, information and night vision products, high-effect destruction systems, fuel air bombs, anti-terrorism and anti-riot equipment and small arms.


Special heed must be paid to patience, which World War 1 sniper Capt. H.W. McBride said was a sniper's most important quality. Whether he's a police officer waiting out a terrorist during a protracted skyjack or a GI calmly peering at an enemy trench for hours on end, the sniper must be as capable of taking a perfect shot 10 minutes after arrival as 10 hours into it.

Naval applications

Future Heavy Machine Guns

Modern warships sent to deal with terrorist insurrections in the Far East, a job which involved much stopping and searching of small vessels, found light cannon to be the most useful weapons. The involvement of NATO forces in the Persian Gulf during the Iran-Iraq war, which saw terrorist attacks using grenade launchers from small boats, underlined the message. It also emphasised the advantage of manually aimed over radar-directed guns in dealing with terrorist craft which may be manoeuvring within an innocent fishing fleet.


The Manhurin MR-73 is a high-quality revolver designed especially for military and police applications. The design incorporates a number of safety and ease-of-use features, including a streamlined design to prevent hang-ups when pulled from a holster, and a roller-mounted trigger spring for smooth and even trigger pull. A cylinder change will allow the weapon to fire .38in Special cartridges. The MR-73 is in use with GIGN, the French counter-terrorist unit, and with many local police units in France and other European countries.

Weaponlight Systems

SureFire WeaponLights are being used extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan as the military's mission includes house-to-house searches and rooting terrorists out of caves. Favoring the Millennium Universal (MU) System, the soldiers and Marines mount the MU System to the Picatinny forend of their M4 rifles.

Additional Formula

UPDATE on Anti-Terrorist Riot Grenades Recent coverage of international terrorist events by the popular press and T.V. media (not to mention the 'underground' press) has brought about a desire in the public sector to hear more about the anti-terror forces and their weaponry. Typified by inquiries made by both the editor and readers of the PMA is the wish to know more about the 'newly designed riot grenades' which were used most recently in the rescue in Somalia, in October of 1977. Traditional tight-lipped secrecy on the part of the police,mi 1itary and civil authorities has resulted in much speculation concerning the nature of these grenades. The generalization promulgated even in the PMA follows thusly The unit reportedly doesn't fragment, and is designed to cause temporary blindness with a brilliant flash and a shock-like reaction from its tremendous concussion. An official was quoted as saying the grenade is intended for use without causing permanent injury. (PMA Vol.lM). A...

Submachine Guns

The Ares FMG folds into a rectangular 10.3 x3.3 x1.4 box with no protruding controls (When folded increase Holdout to -2). When folded it could be carried for example in a large transceiver case without drawing any comment. This makes it valuable for undercover or VIP escort duties. No doubt that terrorists would also love it. See p. UTII85 for additional rules concerning folding weapons. Guns (Rifle) for single shots, Guns (Light Auto) for burst fire.

RPG Rocket Launcher

The Soviet RPG7 antitank rocket launcher using a PG7 tank rocket has been used during the terrorist campaign in Northern Ireland. It is a long weapon that sits on top of the shoulder when in use and exhausts to the rear of the firer. After incidents in which the RPG7 was used, the laboratory was requested to examine swabs and clothing from suspects, for discharge residue from the launcher. Because the exhaust from the weapon emerges a considerable distance to the rear of the firer, and the mechanism involved in its use, it was considered unlikely that residue would be present on the firer. To determine whether or not it was worthwhile examining swabs and clothing from suspects, a test was conducted and discharge residue particles from the RPG7 were examined. Discharge residues detected on the upper outer garment of the firer of the RPG7 are given in Table 20.6.

Expedient Weapon

Lebanon lias surrendered its unwanted title of bombing capital of the world to Colombia. The narco-terrorists have launched a savage campaign of Intimidation against the Colombian people. Assassinations and terror bombings occur daily. Most of the devices used have been low-tech to the extreme your basic fuze cord, blasting cap, and dynamite rig. This is primarily due to the low caliber of their delivery-men, most of whom have been take it here, light the fuze, and leave sort of guys. With, the fuzes generally being only a few feet long, most of these bombs have gone off as planned. Simple and effective. No security system is perfect, and even if it were, it is only a matter of time before the technology necessary to circumvent it arrives. This is the way the game has always been played, but in this case it wasn't even necessary to develop new technology. The system became lax and allowed a known and widely publicized threat to slip through. As a philosopher...


In conclusion, lead, antimony, and barium may be encountered in pyrotechnics, in both fireworks and flares. Lead and antimony were present in toy caps but were not found occurring together. Antimony-only was detected in matches. None of these sources should be confused with FDR particles as their morphology and or elemental content differs. (The text on toy caps, matches, flares, and fireworks represents the conclusions of the work conducted, as the details and results were lost in the terrorist explosion at the NIFSL in September 1992.)

Targeting US Snipers

There can be no question that Iraqi insurgents have especially targeted U.S. snipers. Besides being the number-one priority on an Iraqi terrorist Web site (see sidebar, page 492), American snipers are despised for their effectiveness, so detested that insurgent propaganda frequendy accuses them of heinous offenses such as killing women and Muslim holy men crimes so despicable that any punishment is justified.

Military Mining

Military Collapsible Ladder

Various terrorist groups, such as the IRA and the Basque ETA, have dabbled with road mining, but no one of late has tunneled under a structure with an eye to blowing it up. As near as I liave been able to determine, the last time it was done was at the siege of the alcazar in Toledo during the Spanish Civil War.

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