Disassembly Of Your Model Fullauto

1. Make sure gun is not loaded, SAFETY (46) IS OFF, bolt (4) forward and fire control lever (45) is in FULL-AUTO position. Remove buttstock (6) on the 1928 Models.

2. Depress the frame latch button (22) in the rear bottom of receiver (37) (see fig. 1 of semi-auto section) and slide the frame (21) rearward a short distance. With gun upside down pull trigger (53) and slide frame (21) the rest of the way off (care should be taken not to lose frame latch button (22).

NOTE: If the fire control lever (45) is not in the FULL-AUTO position, damage to rocker (44) and bolt (4) may result.

3. With gun still upside down, disassemble upper receiver (37) by pulling bolt (4) to the rear about two inches and inserting a paper clip into the small hole in buffer pilot (5). (see fig. 4)

Disassembly Thompson
Fig. 4. Using paper clip to hold compressed spring on buffer pilot.

4. With gun upside down and bolt (4) forward, push buffer pilot (5) forward to clear it from back of receiver (37) and remove it. Care should be taken not to remove paper clip as it is holding the compressed spring (43) on the buffer pilot (5).

5. Slide bolt (4) to the rear of receiver (37) and lift out. Slide actuator (1) and lock (29) forward (notice that the word U P with an arrow pointing towards the muzzle is stamped on the lock). Remove lock (29) and slide actuator (1) to the rear of receiver (37) and lift out. To assemble, simply reverse procedure.

6. THE FRAME SHOULD NOT BE DISASSEMBLED UNLESS NECESSARY, although a light coat of oil on pivot points is recommended.


The bolt (4) must be all the way back before the SAFETY lever (46) can be put on SAFE and FIRE control lever (45) can be moved from FULL AUTO to SINGLE. With bolt (4) forward, damage to rocker (44) and bolt (4) may result.

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