Loading Sabots or Conical Bullets with Pyrodex Pellets

If you are loading sabots like T/C's Mag Express Sabots, make sure that the bore has been swabbed and that all of the oil or lube has been removed. The drier the bore, the better, as this will improve accuracy.

Start by loading (2) 50 grain Pyrodex pellets, dropping each pellet down the bore with the black end going in first. The black end actually contains black powder, which acts as the igniter. Because black powder ignites at a lower temperature than Pyrodex, this will increase reliable ignition significantly.

Insert your sabot (with bullet installed) or conical bullet into the muzzle using your fingers. Push the projectile into the barrel as far as you can, until it stops. This portion of the muzzle is the recessed portion of T/C's QLA Muzzle System. Your projectile is now perfectly aligned to the center axis of the bore, surrounded by 3600 of barrel.

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