Pyrodex Chart Showing Appropriate Use Of The Various Grades

PYRODEX® CTG - FOR BLACK POWDER CARTRIDGES. This powder was designed to be used in early model breech loading cartridge firearms (rifles, pistols & shotguns) which were intended for use with Black Powder only. It has no application in Thompson/Center muzzle-loading firearms. It is listed here simply for identification purposes.

PYRODEX® RS (or PYRODEX SELECT "RS") RIFLE & SHOTGUN POWDER. Designed for use in all calibers of percussion muzzleload-ing rifles and shotguns, this powder has a wide application. It may be used with all Thompson/Center cap lock rifles and shotguns including the T/C in-line muzzleloader. Pyrodex Select (RS) may also be used in this application.

PYRODEX® P - PISTOL POWDER. Designed for use in some percussion muzzleloading pistols and cap and ball revolvers, this powder has application in the Thompson/Center Patriot™ Pistol.

PYRODEX® PELLETS - Designed for use in the T/C In-Line Muzzleloaders. Pre-formed Pyrodex charges are available in .45, .50 & .54 caliber. Use the appropriate caliber pellet for your firearm.

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