Service for your TC Muzzleloader

Should your T/C muzzleloading firearm require adjustment, repair or refinishing, we strongly recommend that the rifle be returned to the factory for such work. There is no other way to ensure that the work will be done by a competent staff or trained technicians. Send your rifle back to the factory unloaded with a letter describing the problem.

Any T/C muzzleloader should be sent prepaid (we will not accept collect shipments). Do not include gun case, sling, scopes or other custom accessories and packaging and product literature that you consider to be collectable. These items may be damaged or lost in transit.

The Federal Gun Control Act allows an individual (who is not otherwise barred from purchasing or possessing a firearm) to ship a firearm directly to the manufacturer for purposes of repair. However, before shipping your rifle to us, be certain that your state and local laws permit such shipments and that they will also permit us to return the rifle directly to you. If receiving a rifle is not permitted, then arrangements will have to be made to ship your rifle to a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer. We will need a signed copy of that dealers Federal Firearms License (F.F.L.).

Muzzleloading firearms that are returned to the factory should be marked for the attention of the service department. A letter of instructions should be enclosed with the gun. Adherence to these suggestions will prevent loss of time and facilitate handling at the factory.

Our service department will give your muzzleloading firearm a complete inspection. They will evaluate the problem or problems specified in your covering letter. If the work required is not covered by our "Lifetime Warranty" you will receive a quotation which must be authorized by you.

Ship complete muzzleloading firearms via U.P.S. or Parcel Post. The shipment should be insured.

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