Do Not attempt to shoot your muzzleloading firearm until you have read this manual in its entirety and understood it fully. FAILURE TO READ AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS COULD RESULT IN AN ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE, CAUSING INJURY AND/OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR BYSTANDERS AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY. If you are unable to understand any or all of this material, call the Customer Service Department at Thompson/Center Arms at (603) 332-2333.

1. Proper eye protection

2. Proper ear protection

3. Black Powder or Pyrodex only, in the appropriate granulation for your particular firearm.

4. Powder Measure.

5. Projectiles: Appropriate for your firearm.

6. Musket Caps, #11 Percussion Caps or 209 Shotgun Primers.

7. Patch worm for retrieving lost cleaning patches.

8. Cleaning patches

9. Jag for cleaning patches (One comes with each new T/C muzzleloader)

10. An appropriate bore cleaner and lubricant.

11. Breech Plug Wrench.

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