If the firearm is no longer going to be used, uncharge it by firing it into a suitable backstop or pull the charge before returning it to your vehicle, camp or home (see section on "Pulling a Charge"). AN ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE CAN CAUSE INJURY AND/OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR BYSTANDERS AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY.

Summary of Charging & Priming Your Thompson/Center In-Line Muzzleloader

1. Check to ensure that the firearm is uncharged.

2. Wipe the bore free of all oil.

3. Pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, snap several caps on the nipple, clearing away any oil residue which may be in the nipple channel.

4. Ensure that the striker handle is locked into the "Cocked" position and the thumb safety is engaged (fully rearward), and is aligned with the green dot on the stock.

5. Set firearm on its butt, holding muzzle away from your lace and body.

6. Pour pre-measured powder charge down the bore and settle powder by rapping the side of the barrel with your hand.

7. Load a round ball by placing a patch over the muzzle, centering it, and placing the round lead ball on top of the patch. Load a conical bullet or sabot by placing the projectile in muzzle; straight.

8. Drive the projectile into muzzle with an appropriate short starter.

9. Push the projectile the remainder of the way down the bore using short strokes with the ramrod.

10. Firmly seat the projectile on the powder charge.

11. Remove the ramrod and return it to its proper location in the thimbles under the barrel of the rifle..

12. Carefully place a musket cap, a No.11 percussion cap or a 209 Shotgun Primer on the appropriate nipple or in the 209 Adapter prior to pushing the safety forward to the "Fire" position and shooting the rifle.

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