Make sure that the firearm you are working with is uncharged and unprimed prior to making any trigger adjustments. FAILURE TO HEED THIS WARNING COULD RESULT IN ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE WHICH MAY CAUSE INJURY AND/OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR BYSTANDERS AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY.

Adjustment of the in-line muzzleloader trigger requires that the receiver/barrel be removed from the stock. To do this, follow the takedown instructions found in the assembly and disassembly section of this manual.

Important: The in-line muzzleloader should not be dry fired without a nipple protector. To avoid damage to the nipple caused by the striker contacting it, install a 3/8" long piece of rubber hose over the nipple.

Important: Any adjustment to the sear engagement adjustment screw (Screw "A" in the diagram on page 24) should always be made first. Only after this adjustment is made should the shooter adjust the overtravel screw (Screw "B" in the diagram on the preceding page).


Step 1. Ensure that the striker handle is in the "Cocked" position and that there is a nipple protector in place on the nipple.

Step 2. Loosen the 1/4" lock nut on Screw "A" (See diagram on page 24) by turning it counter-clockwise as viewed from the rear of the trigger housing.

Step 3. Using a .050" hex wrench, turn Screw "A" clockwise slowly until the striker handle falls forward to the "Fired" position (keeping fingers clear of the striker and striker handle as it falls).

Step 4. Turn the .050" hex wrench one third (1/3) turn counterclockwise. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE MINIMUM SETTING FOR SEAR ENGAGEMENT.

Step 5. Return the receiver/barrel assembly into the stock. Draw the striker handle rearward into the "Cocked" position. Shoulder the rifle and dry fire it to check the "feel" of this adjustment. If this adjustment is satisfactory remove the receiver/barrel assembly from the stock.

Step 6. After sear engagement adjustment is finalized, retighten the 1/4" lock nut, making sure that sear engagement adjustment screw (Screw "A") remains in the same position.

Step 7. Reassemble the rifle.

To increase sear engagement from this minimum setting, the .050" hex screw (Screw "A") should be turned counterclockwise further than the one third minimum turn stated above.

Trigger Adjustment for Overtravel (Screw "B" in diagram on page 24)

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