Do not drill additional holes in the barrel as this could weaken its structure and contribute to a rupture Causing Injury Andor Death To The Shooter Or Bystanders And Damage To Property

The receiver is factory drilled and tapped for T/C mounts. The Weaver-Style Mounts (2-Piece) which are appropriate for this rifle are T/C Part No.9857 (Blue) and T/C Part No.9853 (Silver). Follow the instructions that came with your scope mounts for proper mounting of your scope. Questions should be addressed to our Service Department, at Telephone #603-332-2333.

Should your firearm require adjustment, repair or refinishing, we strongly recommend that the firearm be returned to the factory. There is no other way to ensure that the work will be done by a competent staff of trained technicians.

Firearms returned to the factory should be marked to the attention of the service department. A letter of instructions should be enclosed to facilitate handling. Firearms should be uncharged, disassembled and shipped via United Parcel Service (U.P.S.).

Our Service Department will give your firearm a complete inspection and evaluate the problem. If the work required is not covered by our "Lifetime Warranty" you will receive a quotation which must be authorized by you.

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