Never exceed the maximum load listed for your particular firearm Overloads May Cause Damage To The Firearm And Injury Andor Death To The Shooter Or Bystanders And Damage To Property

Pyrodex is a propellant powder designed for use in muzzleloading cap lock rifles, pistols and shotguns. Pyrodex is not a Black Powder. In accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, Pyrodex relates closely to Black Powder on a volume to volume basis (not weight of charge). In other words, a black powder measure set to dispense 70 grains of black powder will, in fact, dispense approximately 52 grains of Pyrodex (by weight). However, this lighter charge of Pyrodex will provide a charge which is ballistically similar to 70 grains of Black Powder. For all practical purposes, knowing the actual weight of a charge of Pyrodex may be informative, but not necessary. Your black powder measure will dictate the proper amount by its graduations according to volume. If you want to know the actual comparative weight of a Pyrodex charge, contact the manufacturer, Hodgdon Powder Co. Inc., Shawnee Mission, KS. 66201.

Pyrodex does not ignite as easily as Black Powder and, consequently, it is not recommended for use in flint lock firearms. Flint locks require strong, positive ignition and should be charged and primed with Black Powder of the appropriate granulation only.

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