TC InLine muzzleloader Takedown Procedure for pulling a charge If You Cannot Remove The Breech Plug

1st Step - After making sure that the gun is unprimed, lower the striker to the "fired" position by pulling the trigger while holding the striker handle and slowly letting the striker go forward until it contacts the bare nipple.

2nd Step - Remove the ramrod from the thimble(s).

3rd Step - Remove the front stock assembly screw by turning it out counter-clockwise (as viewed from the bottom of the gun). Then remove the screw from the back of the trigger guard.

4th Step - The barrel and receiver may now be lifted out of the stock,

5th Step - The large receiver end cap at the rear of the receiver can now be removed by turning it counter-clockwise. This cap is under spring tension so be sure to maintain a firm grip on it while turning it out. Remove the receiver end cap, the spring and the striker handle retainer. Now, remove the striker handle by pulling it out of the striker body Once the striker handle is removed, the striker body can be removed from the receiver by sliding it out the back.

6th Step - Once the striker body has been removed, insert the in-line muzzleloader nipple/breech plug wrench in through the receiver and onto the nipple or 209 adapter. Turn counter-clockwise to unscrew the nipple or 209 adapter.

The Trigger Assembly should not be removed from the receiver. If this is required, consult a qualified gunsmith or return your rifle to the factory for service.

Once the gun is disassembled, it is now possible to proceed with the process of pulling a charge.

7th Step - Secure a pail of water (hot if possible) and submerge the breech section of the barrel into the water. Make certain that at least 8 inches of the breech section is under water and allow the barrel to remain submerged for at least one-half hour.

The charge should be removed as follows:

Once the powder has been soaked for 1/2 hour and rendered inert, try pulling the projectile from the bore by using your ramrod (or a range rod) with a bullet puller. Screw the bullet puller onto your rod, insert from the muzzle end, and when you make contact with the projectile, turn the rod clockwise, screwing the bullet puller into the projectile. Once screwed into the projectile, pull the projectile out. If you are using a sabot, make sure that both the projectile and the sabot are pulled out.

After the projectile has been removed from the bore, clean the bore, barrel, breech plug, striker and all the other parts as explained in the "Cleaning" section and reassemble the firearm.

If for any reason you are unable to remove the charge in the manner recommended, soak the barrel in very hot water for one-half hour. Once the powder has been rendered inert, remove the breech plug and squirt oil into the breech area, then return the receiver and barrel to the service department with a letter describing the problem.

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