General Rules For The Safe Use and Handling of the Encore

Follow the rules for use and handling of the Encore Rifle. Failure to follow these rules may cause injury and/or death to the shooter or bystanders and damage to property.

1 If you are unfamiliar with firearms seek professional instruction. Qualified organizations such as local gun clubs, the National Rifle Association and State Hunter Safety programs offer courses which teach safe gun handling and proper hunting procedure. Those who are unfamiliar with firearms should seek guidance from an instructor who is qualified by one of these organizations.

2 Always point the muzzle of your Encore downrange. The possibility of accidental discharge is a constant danger when using a firearm. If the muzzle is pointed downrange, away from yourself, other people, domestic animals or property, then there can be no injury or damage from an accidental discharge.

3 Never load your Encore until you are ready to fire it. If your Encore is not loaded until you are ready to fire and you are directing your full concentration to it and the target then there can be no accidental discharge of the rifle. Never transport or carry a loaded Encore in a vehicle. Never hand a loaded Encore to another person. Never store a loaded Encore in your home. Never cross a fence, climb a tree, jump a ditch or engage in any activity which distracts your attention while holding or carrying a loaded Encore. Never attempt to clean a loaded Encore.

4 Be physically fit and mentally alert when using your Encore. The use of your Encore involves forceful physical actions which require strength and concentration. Never use alcoholic beverages or drugs before shooting or handling your Encore. Never use your Encore when you are overly tired. If you use medication or have medical implants consult your physician before using your Encore.

5 Know the condition of your Encore before firing. Be sure the rifle is loaded with ammunition of the proper caliber. Be sure the breech is securely locked. Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions (including oil, mud, dirt, snow or any foreign material). Failure to observe this rule may result in injury and/or death to the shooter or bystanders and damage to property.

6 Be sure of your target. Never fire your Encore unless there is a back stop behind your target. Never fire your Encore in the field unless you have a clear view of your target. Never fire at a noise or movement in the brush. If hunting with others always know where other members of your party are located. Never fire your Encore if there is a possibility that a member of your hunting party is down range. Never shoot at flat, hard surfaces such as rocks or water. A bullet may ricochet off these surfaces causing injury and/or death to the shooter or bystanders and damage to property.

7 Respect the Encore. Used properly, your Encore will give you years of pleasure. Used improperly, carelessly or abused, your Encore is a dangerous instrument and is capable of causing serious injury, death or damage to property. Always treat your Encore as if it were loaded. Do not drop your Encore or allow it to be struck a blow. Dropping or striking the Encore may cause damage to internal parts in such a manner as to cause an accidental discharge.

8 Protect your eyes and ears when firing your Encore. Always wear shooting glasses to protect your eyesight from air borne particles and ear protectors to guard against hearing loss due to loud noise when firing your Encore.

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