Understanding the Trigger Mechanism of the Encore

The Encore has an automatic hammer block built into the internal working mechanism. The hammer block is an integral part of the sear. The automatic hammer block prevents the hammer from traveling forward and making contact with the firing pin, unless the trigger has been pulled and held fully rearward.

Encore Hammer in the "At Rest" Position

Hammer Does Not Contact Firing Pin

Hammer Does Not Contact Firing Pin

Hammer And Trigger Mechanism

Encore Hammer in the "Cocked" Position

As Hammer Is Cocked

As Hammer Is Cocked

Rifle Trigger MechanismHammered Handgun Firing Mechanism

If the hammer does not return to the "at rest" position, the gun must be returned to the factory for inspection and repair. Failure to follow this rule can result in an accidental discharge which can cause injury and/or death to the shooter or bystanders and damage to property.

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