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The T/C Fire Stormâ„¢ muzzleloader is equipped with a standard rifle rear sight (Diagram "A" above) which is adjustable for elevation by moving the elevation "blade" up or down to change the point of impact. To do this, turn the Elevation Adjustment Screw clockwise (as viewed from the breech end) to lower the point of impact, and counter-clockwise, to raise the point of impact.

To adjust the windage it is necessary to move the entire rear sight leaf left or right by using the slotted screw head on the right side of the rear sight (as viewed from the receiver end of the sight). Move the rear sight blade in the direction you want your shots to hit-- (Example; Turn the screw clockwise - thereby moving the sight blade to the right, to move your shots to the right and counter-clockwise to move the shots to the left).

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  • peter
    How to adjust site on Thompson center fire storm?
    12 months ago

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