Assembly of your Thompson Center Fire Storm Muzzleloading Rifle

If you purchased your Thompson/Center Fire Storm rifle still packaged it was disassembled. Assembly is relatively easy when you follow these steps:

1. Remove the ramrod from the thimbles under the barrel.

2. Grasp the barrel, and insert the hex head of the breech plug into the tang hole in the stock, making sure that the breech plug fits flush against the tang.

IMPORTANT: When assembling or disassembling, keep the barrel at a minimum angle to the stock; just enough for the lug to clear the lug slot in the stock. An angle sharper than this will bind and possibly bend the tang.

Cutaway Showing Tang

Stock Assembly

Breech Plug

Jang Hole to Accept Breech Plug

The Fire Storm cap lock features 209 shotshell primer ignition.

3. Tip the barrel down into the barrel channel in the stock. The recoil lug should fit neatly into the recoil lug receptacle slot in the stock.

4. Squeeze the barrel and forearm of the stock together with your hand, and insert the wedge pin through the escutcheon hole in the forend and the hole in the recoil lug. The pin will fit snugly, and may have to be tapped slightly for full engagement.

Note: If, when bringing the forend and barrel together there is heavy resistance, stop and check to see that the hex end of the breech plug and the retaining ring are fully seated in the breech plug slot in the tang.

5. Once the barrel has been seateeinthe stockand the wedge pin is in place, reinsert the ramrod into the thimbles undtrthe^rrel.

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