The Fire Storm is unlike most traditional side lock rifles in that it has a removable breech plug.

While field cleaning is done in the same way that a traditional side lock is cleaned, i.e. running a few patches up and down the bore, one saturated with Thompson/Center's No.13 Cleaning Solvent, followed by a dry patch; total or complete cleaning is different from a traditional flint lock in that it can be done from the breech end, as well as from the muzzle.

1. Disassemble the Fire Storm in accordance with the instructions cited in the disassembly section of this pamphlet.

2. Once the barrel has been removed, using the breech plug wrench, or a 7/16" open or box wrench, unscrew the breech plug by turning it counter clockwise. It may be necessary to over come the initial resistance caused by the barrel to the breech plug seal, especially if you have done some extensive shooting. The breech plug should now be scrubbed free of fouling, and later it should be lubricated with an anti-seize lubricant like T/C's Gorilla Grease before re-installation. The threads in the breech end of the barrel must also be well cleaned with a stiff bristle brush.

3. Remove the touch hole bushing by unscrewing it. Clean the inside and the threads. Lubricate the threads with an anti-seize lubricant before re-installing.

4. Fill a pan or pail with very hot soapy water, and submerge either end of the barrel (breech or muzzle) into the hot soapy water. Using a jag, run a cleaning patch up and down the bore of the barrel to flush out the fouling. When the fouling has been removed, remove the barrel and run a few dry patches through it. Wipe off the excess water, and follow with a patch coated with a quality lubricant like Thompson/Center's Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter; an all-natural lubricant, rust inhibitor and preservative.

5. Re-install the breech plug, making sure you have cleaned the threads and applied an anti-seize lubricant to the threads. Using your wrench, turn clockwise until "snug".

6. (For Fire Storm 209 Model Only) Remove the Primer Hub from the rifle and clean the inside of the hub and the hub bolt thoroughly.

7. You are now ready to reassemble the Fire Storm in accordance with the assembly instructions as found on page 6 of this this supplemental pamphlet.

8. Test the functioning of the hammer mechanism to make sure the mechanism is working properly. Wipe down the outside components as well. Make sure (with the flint lock model) that you thoroughly clean and dry the pan and frizzen. Do Not lubricate either the pan or the frizzen.

Never attempt to pull a charge from your Fire Storm until you are absolutely certain that the firearm is deprimed (priming powder is absent from the pan or the 209 Primer is not in the hub). Do not attempt to pull a charge from any gun until the powder charge has been rendered inert (barrel removed and its breech section submerged in hot water for at least one half hour). AN ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE CAN CAUSE INJURY AND/OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR BYSTANDERS AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY.

Pulling the Charge

Under normal conditions, a side lock is unloaded by simply firing it into a suitable and safe back stop. There are conditions which will not allow you to do this. See section in "Shooting Black Powder Muzzleloading Firearms" pertaining to "Pulling a Charge".

Because the Fire Storm has a removable breech plug, once the breech end of the barrel has been soaked in hot water for at least 1/2 hour, the procedure of removing the charge is different from a standard "fixed" breech side lock. Once the powder has been rendered inert by soaking, you should remove the breech plug. (See instructions for disassembly in this pamphlet). After the breech plug has been removed, the charge and stuck projectile can be driven out of the breech end by inserting your ramrod in the muzzle end and applying pressure. Once the charge and projectile have been removed, clean the barrel (and breech plug) in accordance with the instructions in this pamphlet. If for any reason you are unable to remove the charge, make sure the charge has been rendered inert, squirt oil into the breech area, and return the barrel to the service dept with a letter describing the problem. Thompson/Center Arms, Inc., Farmington Road, Rochester, NH 03867.

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