Disassembly of the Thompson Center Fire Storm Muzzleloading Rifle

To disassemble theFireStorm flint lock rifle, reverse the assembly procedure as outlined.

1. Pull out the wedge pin. It may be necessary to tap it partially out from the other side in order to grasp the pin and pull it the rest of the way out.

2. Lift the barrel up and away from the barrelchannelin the stock; just far enough so that the barrel lug clears the lug slot in the stock.

3. When the barrel lug clears the lug slot in the stock, pull the barrel forward, thus pulling the breech plug out of the breech plug hole in the tang.

4. Further disassembly of the Fire Storm includes removal of the breech plug from the barrel. Using the breech plug wrench, or a standard 7/16" hex wrench, turn the breech plug counter clockwise. There may be some initial resistance to over come, so make sure you have firmly anchored the barrel onto a surface where you can acquire some needed leverage.


5. For those with the cap lock (209 version), further disassembly includes removal of the primer hub.

6. (For Fire Storm 209 Model Only) Using the breech plug wrench supplied with the rifle, turn the hex head hub bolt counter-clockwise. This will enable you to remove the "HUB" from the rifle.

7. (For Fire Storm 209 Model Only) Using a 1/8" allen wrench, remove the hub bolt clean-out screw located at the end of the hex head hub bolt. This will give you access to the inside of the hub and the hub bolt. When cleaning, clean the inside of the hub as well as the vent hole and threads of the hub bolt ((T/Cs breech plug brush works well to clean the bolt hole in the hub, use a nipple pick and a nylon or bronze brush to clean the other parts). Lube the threads with

an anti-seize lubricant like Gorilla Grease before re-installing the hub to the rifle.

8. The 209 retaining spring is located on the hub. It is secured by a locking screw. To adjust this spring for tension, back out the retaining screw, and turn the spring closer to the fire channel hole to increase the tension holding the 209 primer in. Turn the spring further away from the fire channel hole to decrease the tension on the primer.

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