Fire Strm

The following sections contain information that is specific to the Thompson/Center Fire Storm muzzleloading rifle. It covers both the flint lock and cap lock 209 versions.

It must be read and understood before using this rifle.

Table of Contents Page

Fire Storm™ Nomenclature 4

Fire Storm™ Assembly 5

Fire Storm™ Disassembly 6

Cleaning the Fire Storm™ 7

Pulling a Charge from the Fire Storm™ 8

Adjustment The Iron Sights of the Fire Storm™ 9

Loading & Practical Tips for the Fire Storm™ 10

Priming Tips for your Fire Storm™Flint Lock 12

Loads for the Fire Storm™ 13

Fire Storm™, T/C Mag Express™, Maxi-Hunter®, Maxi-Ball®, Break-o-Way™ Sabots and Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter™, Mag Express™ and PTX™ are Trademarks of Thompson/Center Arms. Copyright 2004 Thompson/Center Arms Co., Inc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Separate Owner's Manuals for any other models of muzzleloaders which Thompson/Center offers are available free from the factory upon request. Call or write with your specific needs.

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