Detail of Breech Trigger Mechanism

Swinging Breech

Firing Pin-Hammer-

Trigger Mechanism For Omega Cal


Trigger Guard Spur


Assembly & Disassembly Of The T/C Omega Muzzleloader

This T/C Omega Muzzleloader has two (2) basic parts groups:

1. The Barrel and Action Assembly. This assembly is held in the stock by two stock screws; one is located about 1" in front of the trigger guard, and the other is approximately 4" ahead of the first.

2. The Stock Assembly - molded composite material or wood.

Note: The barrel and action assembly can be broken down further by removal of the trigger/action assembly. This is recommended for a thorough cleaning of the rifle if it has undergone use in pouring rain or snow, or at seasons end, but it is not necessary for normal or routine maintenance.

1st step - Make sure that the gun is unprimed and uncharged. To ensure that the gun is unprimed and uncharged, lower the swinging breech block to open the action by pivoting the trigger guard forward. This will expose the primer pocket in the breech plug. Make sure there is no primer seated. Next, holding the muzzle up to the light, look through the ignition fire channel to make sure you can see through it. If you can not see through it, it is charged or the channel is obstructed and it will be necessary for you to remove the breech plug. (This is covered later in the text) If you can see light, proceed as follows.

2nd Step - Remove the ramrod from the thimbles.

3rd Step - Close the swinging breech and remove both the front and rear stock/lug assembly screws by turning them counter clockwise. (As viewed from the bottom of the gun)

4th Step - The barrel/action assembly may now be lifted out of the stock.

5th Step - Open the breech, and insert the in-line muzzleloader breech plug wrench onto the breech plug. Turn counter clockwise to unscrew the breech plug. You may have to exert some initial force in order to "break" the gas seal, which formed when the breech plug was originally "snugged" to the barrel during installation. There will be initial resistance to overcome.

To reassemble, reverse the above procedure, making sure that you check the functioning of the hammer/trigger mechanism after assembled, and prior to loading and firing. (See page 26).

If other service is required, contact the factory at (603) 332-2333.

T/C Omega Muzzleloader Takedown Procedure



Muzzleloader MechanismBreech Mechanism

Basic Equipment For Shooting Your Thompson/Center Omega Muzzleloader

In order to shoot your T/C Omega muzzleloader, a minimum of accessories or equipment will be necessary, these items include the following:

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