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The material in this booklet must be read and understood before attempting to use your Thompson/Center firearm. If pertinent safety information is not read, and the -AWARNING - statements are not understood and adhered to, death or injury could result.


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Table Of Contents

Subject: Page Number

General Rules for Use and Handling of Muzzleloading Firearms 2

Nomenclature 8

Assembly & Disassembly of Your Omega™ Muzzleloader 10

Takedown Diagram For Your Omega™ Muzzleloader 11

Basic Equipment Needs For The Muzzleloading Shooter 12

Understanding Black Powder and Pyrodex® 13

Ignition in a Muzzleloader 18

Black Powder Pressures and Velocities 19

Understanding the Omega™ Muzzleloader Trigger & Striker Mechanism 21

Charging and Priming the Omega™ Muzzleloader 23

Omega™ Muzzleloader Loading Diagram 25

Loading Sabots When Using Loose Powder 26

Loading Sabots or Conicals When Using Pyrodex® Pellets 28

Summary of Charging and Priming 32

Pulling a Charge 33

Cleaning Your Omega Muzzleloader 36

Cleaning Your Omega Muzzleloader From The Muzzle 37

Cleaning Your Omega Muzzleloader From The Breech 38

Using Cleaning Implements With Your Omega Muzzleloader 41

Iron Sight Adjustment 42

Scope Mounting 43

Statement of Liability 43

Limited Warranty 44

Bullet Data 45

Suggested Load Listings Start for the Omega™ Muzzleloader 47

Mag Express™ Sabots 48

Shock Wave™ Sabots 52

Load Charts Start 50

Break-o-Way™ Sabots 53

Service Department 59

Omega™, T/C Mag Express™, Maxi-Hunter®, Maxi-Ball®, Break-o-Way™ Sabots, Natural Lube 100 Plus Bore Butter™, Mag Express™, Shock Wave™and PTX™ are Trademarks of Thompson/Center Arms. Copyright 2007 Thompson/Center Arms Co., Inc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Separate Owner's Manuals for any other models of muzzleloaders which Thompson/Center offers are available free from the factory upon request. Call or write with your specific needs. Or, download the manuals from our web site at www.tcarms.com.

NOTE: The loading data found in this manual was compiled using Black Powder or Pyrodex as a propellant. With any other approved Black Powder Substitute follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer and heed all warnings as they apply to loading and usage of that product.

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