When loading T/C's Break-O-Way Sabots, make sure that your gun is unprimed, and that your Break-O-Way Sabot has been properly assembled. Failure to assemble and load your sabot correctly could result in the bullet, sabot halves, or woven wool doughnut separating and disengaging from themselves. This could result in an air space between the components. Under such a condition, one or more of the components may act as a barrel obstruction and firing can result in a damaged firearm and POSSIBLE INJURY OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR BYSTANDERS AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY.

To properly assemble your T/C Break-O-Way Sabot, position 2 sabot halves together forming a complete sabot cup. Press the woven wool "doughnut" firmly on the base, allowing the flange to protrude through the hole. Your sabot is now ready to accept a .429" - .430" diameter .44 cal bullet. Use only bullets of these dimensions.

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