Table Of Contents

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General Rules for Use and Handling of Muzzleloading Firearms 2

Nomenclature 8

Assembly & Disassembly of Your T/C Scout 9

Basic Equipment Needs For The Muzzleloading Shooter 12

Black Powder and Pyrodex® 13

Ignition 18

Black Powder Pressures and Velocities 19

Bullet Moulds 22

Patching the Round Ball 23

Understanding the Scout Hammer & Trigger Mechanism 26

Scout Carbine Section 28

Scout Pistol Section 29

Charging and Priming the T/C Scout 31

Summary of Charging and Priming 38

Pulling a Charge 39

Cleaning Your T/C Scout 40

Iron Sight Adjustment 44

Scope Mounting 45

Service 46

Statement of Liability 46

Limited Warranty 46

Bullet Data 47

Suggested Loads for T/C Scout Carbine 50

Suggested Loads for T/C Scout Pistol 54

Loading Information for Break-o-Way™ Sabots in the T/C Scout 58

T/C Scout, Maxi-Hunter® and Maxi-Ball®, Break-o-Way Sabots, Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter are Trademarks of Thompson/Center Arms Co., Inc. Copyright 1992 Thompson/Center Arms Co., Inc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This book has no specific references to the T/C muzzleloaders other than the T/C Scout. Separate Owner's Manuals for the other models of muzzleloaders which Thompson/Center offers are available free from the factory upon request.

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