Assembly Disassembly Of The System

This System 1 has three (3) basic parts groups:

This System 1 has three (3) basic parts groups:

Breech Plug For Black Powder Rifle

1. The Barrel Assembly - This assembly includes the barrel, breech plug with nipple, ramrod, thimbles and sights. It is held to the receiver by a takedown bolt which anchors the barrel lug to the receiver lug.

Trigger Guard Assembly

3. The Receiver/Striker/Trigger Assembly - This assembly is held in the stock by two screws; one located at the rear of the trigger guard and the other is the front trigger guard screw on those models with a walnut stock. On those models with a composite stock, the second screw is just in front of the trigger guard. The striker assembly is housed in the receiver, under spring tension. It is secured by the large receiver end cap at the rear end of the receiver.

Muzzleloading Diagrams

2. The Stock Assembly (with trigger guard) - This includes the stock itself with sling swivel studs attached and a butt pad. The diagram above shows the walnut stocked version.

NOTE:To remove the breech plug from the barrel - the barrel must first be removed from the receiver. Follow these steps:

1st Step - After making sure that the gun is unprimed and uncharged, lower the striker to the "fired" position by pulling the trigger while holding the striker handle and slowly letting the striker go forward until it contacts the bare nipple.

2nd Step - Remove the ramrod from the thimble(s).

3rd Step - Remove the two stock assembly screws from the trigger guard (on walnut stocked models) by turning them out counter-clockwise (as viewed from the bottom of the gun). On the composite stocked models you remove the screw at the back of the trigger guard and the one in front of the molded trigger guard.

4th Step - The barrel and receiver may now be lifted out of the stock.

5th Step - Remove the barrel from the receiver; Use a 5/32" Allen wrench to remove the takedown bolt which anchors the barrel lug to the receiver lug.

6th Step - The large receiver end cap at the rear of the receiver can now be removed by turning it counter-clockwise. This cap is under spring tension so be sure to maintain a firm grip on it while turning it out. Remove the receiver end cap, the spring and the striker handle retainer.

Now, remove the striker handle by pulling it out of the striker body. Once the striker handle is removed, the striker body can be removed from the receiver by sliding it out the back. The Trigger Assembly should not be removed from the receiver. If this is required, consult a qualified gunsmith or return your rifle to the factory for service.

7th Step - First, using the nipple wrench portion of the System 1 Takedown Tool, remove the nipple from the breech plug by turning the wrench counter-clockwise (as viewed from the back).

To remove the breech plug from the barrel, use the System 1 takedown tools provided with the rifle, or a 1/2" open end wrench. Placing the takedown tool (closed wrench) on the breech plug and the 1/2" open end wrench on the barrel lug, turn the breech plug counter-clockwise out of the barrel while exerting force in the opposite direction with the open end wrench.

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NOTE: Under no circumstances should the trigger mechanism be dis-assembled. Further disassembly will void the warranty. If service is required, contact the factory at (603) 332-2333. To re-assemble the gun, reverse the procedure listed here, making sure to check for proper functioning of the trigger, striker and safety mechanism prior to loading and firing.

Hastings Muzzle Loader Barrel Brech Plug

... continued from page 11 This procedure will give you the necessary leverage to "break" the gas seal which was formed when the breech plug was originally "snugged" to the barrel during installation. There will be initial resistance between these parts which must be overcome.

8th Step - To re-assemble, reverse the above procedure, making sure that you check for proper functioning of the trigger, striker and safety mechanism prior to loading and firing. The breech plug of the System 1 should be seated in the barrel until it is "snug". "Snug" is defined here as being as tight as you can turn it into the barrel by using the breech plug portion of the takedown tool and turning it clockwise, while holding the barrel in your bare hand. Do not use both wrenches when "snugging" the breech plug.

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