Understanding The System Trigger Striker and Safety Mechanism

The System 1™ muzzleloading firearm is a modern cap lock rifle that combines both the functional aspects of an old-time cap lock with the looks of a modern bolt-action rifle. The System 1™ has several design features which are different than traditional muzzleloading firearms, and must be understood before you attempt to use and fire your System 1™. See the illustrations on page 29.

The striker mechanism consists of several parts which reside within the receiver. When the safety is in the "Fire" position, the striker is released when the trigger is pulled. allowing the striker to move forward quickly under spring tension and strike the percussion cap that was placed on the nipple by the shooter.

The "Thumb Safety" lever has two positions, all the way rearward where it is lined up with the green dot on the stock and all the way forward where it is lined up with the red dot on the stock.

The "Thumb Safety" in the rearward position is the condition that the System 1 must be carried in, with no cap on the nipple.

While the striker handle is in the "Cocked" position and the thumb safety is in the "Safe" (rearward) position, a percussion cap can be placed on the nipple immediately prior to firing the System 1.

Pushing the thumb safety forward brings the mechanism to the "Fire" position, Pulling the trigger at this point will cause the striker to fall forward and strike the cap on the nipple - thereby igniting the powder charge and firing the gun.

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