Thompson Classic 22 Trigger Assembly

Before cleaning or working on the TC 22 LR Classic, always make sure the safety is "ON" and the 22 LR Classic is unloaded; that the chamber is empty and that the magazine is out of the rifle, before attempting to disassemble any portion of the rifle. WORKING ON A LOADED RIFLE COULD RESULT IN AN ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE WHICH COULD RESULT IN INJURY AND/OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR BYSTANDERS, AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY.

When disassembling the T/C 22 LR Classic, make sure that the safety is "ON" and that the rifle and magazine are unloaded. Keep the rifle pointed in a safe direction.

Now that the safety is "ON" (and the hammer is cocked) the rifle is now ready to disassemble.

Initial Disassembly involves breaking the T/C 22 LR Classic rifle down to 3 basic parts groups.

How Work Gun Trigger Diagram

1. Remove the front and rear trigger guard screws. Once the screws are removed, pull the trigger guard assembly out of the stock. The rear trigger guard screw is longer than the front screw - remember this for re-assembly.

2. Next, lift the barrel/receiver assembly out of the stock. You have now disassembled the rifle into its 3 major assemblies. Further disassembly will entail removal of the fire control assembly and the bolt from the barrel/receiver assembly.

3. When removing the fire control assembly from the barrel/receiver assembly. Take out the front and rear fire control mounting screws on both sides of the receiver (four screws in all).

Thompson Center Trigger Assymbly

4. Remove the fire control assembly. The hammer must be in the cocked position; the safety in the "ON" position.

5. If you want to lower the hammer (uncock), start by pressing down on the hammer with your thumb until the safety moves by itself to the "OFF" position.

6. Keeping pressure on the hammer with your thumb, pull the trigger with your other hand. (Make sure that you have your thumb securely on the hammer and you are applying pressure. The hammer is under spring tension and will come forward with considerable force - you must contain it to avoid injury). Slowly allow the hammer to come fully forward. You now have access to the area behind the hammer for cleaning purposes. Note: When reinstalling the fire control assembly into the barrel/receiver assembly, you must cock the hammer and put the safety in the "ON" position prior to assembly.

7. To remove the bolt from the barrel/receiver assembly, pull back on the bolt operating handle until the bolt is located in the center of the receiver (approximately V2 way).

Thompson Receiver

8. Holding the bolt operating handle in this position with one hand, reach in with your thumb and forefinger of the other hand and grasp both ends of the bolt. Lift the bolt straight out of the receiver.

9. Continuing to hold the operating handle, pivot the operating handle, guide rod and spring out of the ejection port. Note: The guide rod will be under spring tension, hold onto the spring and do not let go.
10. Once through the ejection port, still holding the spring with one hand, remove the operating handle from the guide rod. The bolt spring will still be under tension, hold on to it.

11. Slowly allow the spring to expand up the guide rod until there is no longer tension. Slide the bolt spring off the guide rod.

12. Remove the head of the bolt spring guide rod from the hole in the back of the bolt bumper.

Thompson M1a1 Trigger Assembly

The 22 LR Classic rifle has now been disassembled.

We do not recommend further disassembly beyond this point, with the exception of the magazine. If further disassembly is required, bring the rifle to a qualified gunsmith, or return it to the repair department at Thompson/Center Arms. Thompson/Center Arms Repair Department, Farmington Road, Rochester, New Hampshire 03867.

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