Unloading the Tc Lr Classic

To unload the TC 22 LR Classic semi-automatic rifle;

1. First, make sure the rifle is pointed down-range in a safe direction.

2. Immediately slide the safety into the "ON" position.

3. Remove the magazine from the rifle.

4. Pull back fully on the bolt operating handle and extract the cartridge from the chamber (ejecting the cartridge from the rifle in the process). Visually inspect the chamber to determine that the cartridge has indeed been extracted and ejected. If for some reason, the bolt has failed to extract the cartridge, you must do so manually with your fingers (use your fingers or a piece of wood).

Unloading the Magazine

When unloading the cartridges from the magazine it will be necessary to manually slide the top cartridge forward in the magazine until the rim clears the lips securing the cartridge. Use your fingers or a piece of wood. Do not use metal, as a blow from the metal may cause the cartridge to ignite. This operation must be repeated until all the cartridges have been slid from the magazine.

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