Never use smokeless powder of any type or in any quantity in a muzzle-loading firearm, and never mix powders. The use of any smokeless powder could result in a detonation or explosion WHICH COULD CAUSE INJURY AND/OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR BYSTANDERS AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY.

Confine your use to Black Powder or Pyrodex and learn how to identify these powders and to use them correctly in your muzzleloading firearm. Here we will deal first with Black Powder for certainly it is the oldest of our pro-pellant powders.

Black Powder is manufactured in four specific types or granulations for use in firearms. Generally speaking, it is the granule size which determines the appropriate use of Black Powder. Coarsest granulations are naturally the slowest burning and, therefore, work best in large caliber rifles and shotguns. Pistols or small caliber rifles require a finer or faster burning powder. The priming powder used in the pan of a flint lock is extremely fine and fast burning. The accompanying chart will help you to recognize the various granulations of Black Powder and to relate them to their proper use.

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