Make certain that the striker is in the "Safety" position and the firearm is unprimed before attempting to clear any lubricant or debris from the receiver of your ThunderHawk. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS WARNING MAY RESULT IN INJURY AND/OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR BYSTANDERS AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY.

4. Now that the barrel is completely dry, lightly lube the bore with a quality lubricant or, in keeping with the all-natural method, T/C's Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter. Reinstall the nipple being careful not to cross-thread or over-tighten it.

5. Fouling on the stock, receiver and exterior parts should be wiped off with an oily cloth or T/C's Wonder Cloth saturated with Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter.

6. Your ThunderHawk may now be reassembled in the reverse order of the takedown procedure detailed on page 9 and 38.

7. After your ThunderHawk has been reassembled, check the striker to ensure that there is no excess lubricant on the surface which could impede safe performance.

Black Powder and Pyrodex are very corrosive and the residue or fouling left in the bore after firing your firearm can be very destructive to the steel, causing oxidation, rust and pitting. Leaving your firearm uncleaned with this fouling present can lead to a ruined firearm.

When using petroleum based lubricants, the build-up of this fouling is much more apparent and often it is necessary to clean the gun between shots. Cleaning between shots will be necessary whether using black powder or Pyrodex®. Failure to eliminate this residue will be destructive to the bore if left for any length of time.

When using an all natural, non-petroleum based lubricant such as T/C's Natural Lube 1000+ , the bore becomes seasoned with use, much like the surface of a cast iron skillet. Fouling is greatly reduced, and as a result it is not necessary to clean between shots, or even immediately after extended firing. The reduction of fouling present and the void of any petroleum combine to eliminate the corrosive effects on the steel. This does not mean that your obligation to clean the firearm after use is eliminated. The use of T/C's Natural Lube 1000+ merely eliminates the need to clean between shots as excessive fouling will not build up. You can also delay cleaning after you have shot for at least the duration of your hunting trip without fear of damaging your firearm. You should clean your firearm after use prior to storing it away, and in order that you do not lose the "seasoned" characteristics already imparted to your bore, you should clean it with a non-petroleum based cleaner such as T/C's all natural #13 Bore Cleaner. Once a petroleum based solvent is introduced, the "seasoning" process is neutralized, much like washing your cast iron skillet with detergent.

Often, when using petroleum based lubricants, consecutive shots with black powder will produce shot-to-shot increases in pressure with the build up of fouling. This will greatly affect accuracy. Eventually, (if not cleaned) the muzzleloading firearm will become impossible to load properly. Driven part way down the bore and blocked by powder fouling, the projectile will hang up and refuse to budge further.

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