Chart Showing Various Grades of Pyrodex and Their Intended

FOR BLACK POWDER CARTRIDGES. This powder was designed to be used in early model breech loading cartridge firearms (rifles, pistols & shotguns) which were intended for use with Black Powder only. It has no application in Thompson/Center muzzleloading firearms. It is listed here simply for identification purposes.

PYRODEX® RS (or PYRODEX SELECT "RS") RIFLE & SHOTGUN POWDER. Designed for use in all calibers of percussion muzzleloading rifles and shotguns, this powder has a wide application. It may be used with all Thompson/Center cap lock rifles and shotguns including the T/C ThunderHawk. Pyrodex Select (RS) may also be used in this application.

PISTOL POWDER. Designed for use in some percussion muzzleloading pistols and cap and ball revolvers, this powder has application in the Thompson/Center Patriot™ Pistol.

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