Limited Warranty

THOMPSON/CENTER ARMS provides a warranty for all factory finished firearms for the LIFETIME OF THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER PURCHASER. Any firearm or part thereof returned, postage paid, to the factory at Farmington Road, Rochester, New Hampshire 03867, will be repaired or replaced to our commercial standard free of charge, and returned to the consumer purchaser postage prepaid. This warranty is established by return of our authorized warranty card which should be done within (30) days of purchase. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by custom alteration of the firearm other than those performed by the T/C Custom Shop! Thompson/Center Arms reserves the right to refuse to repair or replace firearms, or parts thereof, damaged by abuse or misuse.

This warranty does not cover "Kit models. While Thompson/Center does guarantee the quality and workmanship of the parts contained in each kit (and will replace any part which is proven, by our inspection, to be faulty in either workmanship or material) we have no control over the final finishing and assembly of these products. Therefore, no responsibility for either the construction or use of kit models is implied or assumed. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from State to State. Address all correspondence and inquiries to:

THOMPSON/CENTER ARMS P.O. Box 5002, Rochester, New Hampshire 03866

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