Table Of Contents

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General Rules for Use and Handling of Muzzleloading Firearms 2

Nomenclature 8

Assembly & Disassembly of Your ThunderHawk 9

Basic Equipment Needs For The Muzzleloading Shooter 11

Understanding Black Powder and Pyrodex™ 12

Ignition 17

Black Powder Pressures and Velocities 18

Bullet Molds 21

Patching the Round Ball 22

Understanding the ThunderHawk Trigger & Striker Mechanism 25

Adjusting the ThunderHawk Trigger 27

Charging and Priming the ThunderHawk 30

In-Line Muzzleloader Loading Diagram 31

Summary of Charging and Priming 37

Pulling a Charge 38

Cleaning Your ThunderHawk 40

Iron Sight Adjustment 46

Scope Mounting 46

Service Department 46

Statement of Liability 47

Limited Warranty 48

Bullet Data 49

Suggested Loads for the ThunderHawk 52

Loading Information for Break-o-Way™ Sabots 55

ThunderHawk™, Maxi-Hunter®, Maxi-Ball®, Break-o-Way™ Sabots and Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter™, Woods Rifle™, Mag Express™ and PTX™ are Trademarks of Thompson/Center Arms. Copyright 1992 Thompson/Center Arms Co., Inc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Separate Owner's Manuals for any other models of muz-zleloaders which Thompson/Center offers are available free from the factory upon request. Call or write with your specific needs.

This manual is intended to be used with Thompson/Center ThunderHawks with serial numbers that fall into the following ranges:

21" Blued Models with Serial Number starting at 30,000

24" Blued Models with Serial Number starting at 7,500

21" Stainless Steel Models with Serial Number starting at 26,500

24" Stainless Steel Models with Serial Number starting at 12,000

If you have a rifle with a serial number below these numbers, please write or call and the appropriate manual will be sent free of charge.

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