Do Not Ship Any Ammunition

• Enclose a letter which includes your full name and address (no P.O. Boxes, please), daytime telephone number, e-mail address, the serial number of the firearm, and details of the problem experienced (stating the brand and type of ammunition used when the problem occurred) or work desired.

• Record the serial number before shipping, in case you wish to check on the repair status of your firearm.

• Please remove all custom parts and accessories, such as stocks, special sights and scopes, or slings from your firearm before returning.

• Place the firearm in its original case or in a similarly secure container and pack it securely.

• The package must NOT bear any markings which indicate the identity of the contents.

• It is most important that you comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The following guidelines are meant to help, but you must seek assistance from the appropriate authorities if necessary.

• If your firearm must be replaced, it may be necessary to ship the replacement to a dealer rather than directly to you. You may be requested to furnish a signed FFL (Federal Firearms License) from your dealer in such an instance.

• Warranty repair work will begin upon receipt and examination of the firearm. In the case of repairs or work not covered by the warranty, a quotation covering the cost of the work plus round trip transportation charges will be sent to you. Repairs or modification will begin upon receipt of payment.

A warning: you may purchase accessories for your thompson/center firearm. you must have some of these parts installed by a gunsmith qualified to perform service on thompson/center firearms. never attempt to modify your firearm or install replacement parts in your firearm. always use a qualified thompson/center gunsmith even if the repair seems simple.

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