Loading Conical Bullets or Sabots When Using Pyrodex Pellets

Start by loading the pellets into the bore, following the specific pellet manufacturer's instructions.

Next, start the projectile into the bore and then use your ramrod to push the projectile the remainder of the way down the bore, until it is seated firmly against the pellet(s). Do not pound on it, as this will likely crush the pellets and effect the reliability of ignition. It could also deform the bullet and will undoubtedly affect accuracy .

Seat the projectile firmly against the pellet(s)

Seat the projectile firmly against the pellet(s)

With successive shots, fouling may build up enough in the bore to make loading of subsequent shots more difficult, or even impossible. The more fouling that is present, the more difficult it will be to seat your projectile to the same depth. This will cause differences in pressure, which will in turn affect accuracy. While at the range, you should clean (swab) your bore (with a powder solvent like Thompson/Center's No.13 and suitable jag/patch combination) after each shot, for maximum accuracy. In the field, you can expect to fire two to three shots before swabbing may be necessary. The more powder you use in each charge, the more fouling will build up. When you experience progressively more bullet seating due to build up of fouling, you must clean the bore or safe loading will become impossible. See the sections on "Cleaning" and on "Unloading/Uncharging".

Once the sabot has been loaded, it is necessary to carefully mark your ramrod to indicate the depth of the fully seated pellet and projectile combination that you are using.

If you are loading sabots, make sure that the bore has been cleaned and that all of the oil or lubricant has been removed. The drier the bore, the better when shooting sabots, as this will improve accuracy.

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