Thompson Center Woods Rifle

Do not prime the firearm until you are actually ready to fire and you have double checked to ensure that the striker handle is in the "cocked" position, the thumb safety is engaged (fully rearward) and ramrod has been removed from the bore. Thompson/Center does not recommend priming the firearm until the instant before actual firing. Carrying a charged, primed in-line muzzleloader can be dangerous. ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE IS A CONSTANT HAZARD WHICH, IF IT OCCURS, CAN CAUSE INJURY AND/OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR BYSTANDERS AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY. The only safe way to guard against an accidental discharge is to carry your in-line muzzleloader unprimed, with the striker in the "cocked" position and the thumb safety engaged (fully rearward).


Photo "(;" shows No. 11 Cap being installed

Muzzle pointed down range, keep fingers away from trigger. Use musket caps or No.11 percussion caps depending on the nipple you have installed. Press firmly down onto the nipple.

- For 209 Primers -See Below

With the striker in the "cocked" position and the safety engaged (fully rearward) hold the in-line muzzleloader with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and press the musket cap or the No.11 Percussion cap down tightly onto the nipple. Slide the thumb safety fully forward to disengage it. The rifle is now ready to lire. RAISE THE MUZZLELOADER AND FIRE THE SHOT!

If you are using the 209 shotgun primer as the source of ignition, it will be necessary to insert the 209 primer in the adapter. Use the 209 primer/depriming tool provided with your rifle, or sold as an accessory. Slide a 209 primer into the slot as shown in the diagram. Place the protruding part of the primer into the hole in the adapter which has been screwed into the breech plug. Once the primer has been inserted, pull the tool away from the gun while leaving the 209 primer in the adapter hole. To remove a spent 209 primer, or a live 209 primer, use the forked end of the tool. Push this forked end under the rim of the primer. As you push, the primer will lift out of its hole which will help

you grasp the primer with your fingers and remove it from the gun.



Insert Primer Into Adpater and then _Pull Tool Away-

Insert Primer Into Adpater and then _Pull Tool Away-

Primer Removal End (fork)

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