Do not use any type of plastic patch or sabot with a ROUND BALL in any Thompson/Center firearm. When such patches or sabots are used, it is possible, even under optimum tolerance conditions, for the ball and patch or sabot to disengage themselves from each other. This results in the ball moving for ward (leaving air space between the patch or sabot and the ball). UNDER SUCH CONDITIONS, THE BALL WILL ACT AS A BARREL OBSTRUCTION AND FIRING CAN RESULT IN INJURY AND/OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR BYSTANDERS AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY. Various manufacturers have introduced plastic sabots which are used with pistol bullets in muzzleloading firearms. Thompson/Center Arms and others have tested these sabots. Satisfactory results have been obtained when following the instructions as provided by the manufacturer of the sabots. It is important to note that only those bullets recommended by the manufacturer of the sabot should be used. Sabots must not be used with round balls.

For specific loading information on Thompson/Center's Break-o-Way Sabots see page 61 or Mag Express Sabots on page 65 of this manual.

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